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  • Echizen Matsushima Aquarium
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    Fukui Pref. Sakaishi Mikunichousaki 74-2-3
    This aquarium is located within Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. It is near the scenic spot Tojinbo. There are several exhibits where visitors can observe and interact with marine and waterside life up close, as well as shows and feeding events. There’s a large “ocean fish tank” containing a school of nearly 3,000 sardines, as well as a “coral sea” featuring a water tank underneath the glass floor, making it feel like you’re walking on the surface. Visitors can also watch penguins swim from an underwater tunnel and swim along with the fish in the “jabu jabu ocean pool.”

    Entrance fee is a bit expensive, almost 2000 yen per person, but a discount can be had with a coupon. Check their website for any coupons before going. A great aquarium once inside, with many...

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Northeast of Kyoto, the ancient Tojinbo Cliffs separate Fukui prefecture from the Sea of Japan in a stretch of land well worth exploring. Water sports and seaside delicacies are available in abundance as the spectacular rugged coastline flattens down into beaches to the west of the prefecture, while inland, Fukui is home to Zen Buddhist temples and historic ruins.

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