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  • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago
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    Oita Pref. Oitashi Kanzaki Uto 3078 - 22
    A large aquarium located in Oita City, Oita Prefecture next to Takasakiyama Nature Zoo, famed for its Japanese macaque exhibit. Designed around the theme of an aquarium where visitors can make friends with the animals, Umitamago is filled with exhibits and attractions which let visitors experience sea and river life up close and personal, including aquariums which recreate natural environments, a variety of shows, and opportunities to get close and even touch animals. The aquarium’s giant tank, containing some 90 species and 1,500 individual sea creatures, is truly stunning. There’s also the popular and hilarious walrus show and the Asobeach play area, ensuring that Umitamago is fun for the whole family, from children to adults.

    My husband and I went to visit this aquarium while we were in Oita. It is a convenient bus ride out of town, about halfway to Beppu. We arrived just in time to see the show. it was so interesting...

  • Roadside Station Yayoi Banjou Osakanakan
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    Oita Saiki-shi Yayoi Kamiogura 898-1
    This aquarium, one of only a very few in the entire country dedicated to freshwater fish, is located inside Roadside Station Yayoi facing National Route 10 a 10-minute drive from the Saiki Interchange on the Higashikyushu Expressway. The aquarium's tanks recreate the environment of the local Bansho River and are occupied by familiar freshwater fish varieties like sweetfish, dark chub, and carp. The aquarium's global tropical fish area is divided into tanks for regions such as South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and fish on display include the spectral Amazonian black ghost knifefish. In addition to its standing exhibition, the aquarium also holds special exhibitions.

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A trip to Oita is tantamount to a long soak in the Beppu baths. The mountainous, coastal prefecture of Oita is renowned for having more onsen than any other prefecture in Japan, most of which lie in the city of Beppu on the west coast of Kyushu, recognizable by its pungent sulphuric aroma and the clouds of steam that puff up across the hillside. Away from the Beppu hot springs await mountains, waterfalls, and temples, so don't hesitate to explore Oita a little further.

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