Life / Living / Hospital Spots in Aichi Area

  • Toyota-City Regional Culture Plaza
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Pref. Toyotashi Nishidachou Keyaki 1
    A multipurpose facility located in Keyaki Nishida-cho, Toyota City. The plaza has cultural facilities such as a music room, workshop, ceramics studio, and arts studio. There are also sports facilities, including a gym, tennis courts, indoor pool, and judo hall, as well as an indoor playground and remote control car course. The plaza holds a variety of crafting classes and regular sports and cultural classes.
  • HANDS Nagoya
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Nakamura-ku Meieki 1-1-4 JR Nagoya Takashimaya5-11F
    "This large branch is located on the fifth to eleventh floors of JR Nagoya Takashimaya, inside JR Central Towers, a building directly connected to JR Nagoya Station. Tokyu Hands stocks different categories of daily life commodities, including beauty goods, household items, implements and tools, materials, stationery, travel goods, and bags. The Nagoya branch's select corners for original goods, such as ""Men's Study"" and ""Living with Time,"" are a place where shoppers can come across special items."
  • Trampoline&Cafe T-time
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Kasugai-shi Rokkenyacho 4-151
    A cafe located in town to the south of Mitsumata Park in Aichi Prefecture. It has indoor trampolines on a pay-by-the-hour basis that let you have all the fun you can handle. Nets around the trampoline prevent falls, so even small kids can use it worry-free. The nearby cafe space means you can have some tea while watching the kids play. They welcome visitors who only want to use the trampoline or cafe as well.
  • Hikari Kyusu
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Tokoname-shi Kanayama Kami Suhara 103 Tokoname-shi
    A pottery experience class in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, which is famous for Tokoname ware. It's in Ceramall, a ceramics shopping mall near the southern end of Tokoname Park. Even elementary school students can easily enjoy making pottery there with their potter's wheel. Being in a mall, it's nice to stop by after sightseeing or other errands. Evening sessions are available between 18:00 and 20:00 with a reservation, which is helpful if that's the only time you have for sightseeing. There is also a coffee shop on-site. They serve tea, coffee, and sweets like anmitsu (syrup-covered bean jam and fruit) in original ceramic vessels.
  • Noritake Square Nagoya
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Nishi-ku Noritakeshinmachi
    A store selling tableware in the Noritake-no-Mori complex at 3 Chome, Noritakeshin-machi, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City. They stock lots of the Noritake brand of Western-style tableware, table accessories, etc. Their Cafe Diamond Days offers drinks and lunch sets served with Noritake tableware.
  • Palm Springs Vintage Furniture
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Osu 1-4-7
    A furniture store in 1 Chome, Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya City. It mainly sells vintage American and European mid-century furniture made between the 1940s and 1970s. They also do furniture maintenance and repair.
  • Kakuozan Apartment
    8 Reviews
    Aichi Pref. Nagoyashi Chikusa-ku Sanmonchou 1-13
    Kakuozan Apartment is an old two-story apartment with a wood construction more than 50 years old which has been remodeled and is now host to many shops full of personality belonging to artists and creators. Rental space is also available, and since it is used as a place to present different creations, it is a place to encounter many different works. It is located approximately three minutes on foot from Kakuozan Station on the subway Higashiyama Line.


  • Marimomen
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Pref. Nagoyashi Midori-ku Arimatsu 1901
    This shop specializes in handmade tie-dyed products using Ise cotton. It is run by dye artists Mari and Yu. They primarily use “Itajime-shibori,” one of the traditional “Arimatsu/Narumi” tie-dyeing techniques. The shop interior is filled with items such as hand towels, handkerchiefs, and more with colorful and poppy geometrical patterns. The vibrant rubber-soled socks aimed at women especially stand out, and they apparently go well with outfits.
  • Robin's Patch
    Aichi Pref. Nagoyashi Chikusa-ku Inafunetori 1-15-3
    You’ll find this shop about a five-minute walk from Motoyama Station along the Yamazaki River. The store offers a number of vintage imported goods, including items the married owners brought from Eastern Europe themselves. You’ll find products from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, and other countries, providing visitors with endless fascinating discoveries. You’ll also find vintage, nostalgia-inducing picture books, dolls, miniature objects, and more, which make great gifts for children.
  • Yume Ori Bito
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Pref. Gamagorishi Minatomachi 1150
    A Mikawa textiles showroom located in the Kaihinkan Marine Center House. The shop has a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of Japan's early Showa period. The shop sells Mikawa cotton clothing, accessories, and fabrics. The shop also operates as a retail outlet for the trial sale of various new and prototype products before their official launch.
  • Shinano Ceramic Center
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Setoshi Shinanochou 1-126-2
    A facility for the display and sale of ceramics standing along Prefectural Route 210 in Shinano-cho, Seto City. Here you can find pottery from the Seto-Shinano area, tableware, tea ceremony implements, and a variety of other ceramics items on display and for sale at direct sales prices. The facility also has a gallery and ceramics classroom.

    瀬戸品野地区の窯元を中心に、陶磁器の展示販売をしている。 ズラリ並んだ瀬戸物は、人気作家の作品から、陶磁器メーカーの普段使いまで。 茶道具も、贈答用のセット商品も、茶碗や皿など日常の食器も、窯元直売なので、どれもお値打ち価格。 こだわり派には、陶芸教室も。 お試しの1回コースだけでなく、入会費と月会費を支払えば、曜日や時間の制限無く、陶芸に熱中することも可能。

  • Nishio City Ikoi-no-Noen Rose Garden
    Aichi Pref. Nishioshi Saitouchou Owari 28
    A gardening and produce shopping center standing along Prefectural Route 41 in Owari Saito-cho, Nishio City. The facility has an area displaying and selling potted plants and seedlings, a landscape gardening corner which also provides advice on cultivation methods, a farm direct corner selling agricultural products and gardening materials, and a rose garden planted with 200 kinds and some 3,500 rose plants. The facility also holds sales, gardening lectures, and other events.
  • Aichi Driver's License Test Site (Hirabari Driver's License Test Site)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Tenpaku-ku Hirabari Minami 3-605
  • CanalResort
    37 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Nakagawa-ku Tamakawacho 4-1

    This place is an amazing Spa/Onsen! In the style of many hot springs across Japan, there are numerous pools, jacuzzis, saunas, beds of hot rocks and resting areas. It has a huge waterfall and lots...

  • IKEA Nagakute
    Aichi Nagakute Koen Nishi Eki section Chinai 1 Block
  • Ryu Jo Shrine
    60 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Okazaki-shi Koseicho 561

    It is the place to visit for celebrations. Blessings for childrens age milestones and wedding ceremonies are performed here. The temple is adjacent to the Okazaki Castle. Its a very mystical and...

  • Nippontokushutogyoshiminkaikan
    14 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Nagoyashi Naka-ku Kanayama 1-5-1

    コンサートで何回か訪問 新しくはないけれど、音響は普通によく満足しています 金山駅から近いのが良いと思います

  • Don Quijote Nagoya Sakae
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Nishiki 3-17-15
  • Fujita Medical University Hospital
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Toyoake-shi Kutsukakecho Taraga Ke Kubo 1-98
  • Ara Shimaya
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Aichi Gamagori-shi Maruyamacho 6-21

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Aichi is a prefecture of great natural beauty with Nagoya city at its heart, a busy hub home to a labyrinth of underground shops and the 17th-century Nagoya Castle. Castles are easy to find in this history-rich prefecture, but the highlight for history buffs has to be the Museum Meiji-mura, where preserved buildings from the turn of the 20th century are displayed in all their grandeur in an outdoor museum.

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