Life / Living / Hospital Spots in Nagano Area

  • Evergreen Outdoor Center
    224 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Pref. Kitadumigunhakubamura Hokujou 4377
    This outdoor tour company is in Hokujo, Hakuba Village. In winter you can take back country and snowshoeing tours, and they have an English language ski school. In the green season you can enjoy the mountains, lakes, and rivers around Hakuba with activities like canoeing and hiking. They also host international school programs, summer camps, team building workshops, and more.

    Even though it is not our usual practice to write reviews, our extremely unpleasant encounter compelled me to write the most extensive review I have ever written. We had a bad experience on the...

  • National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Radio Observatory
    59 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Pref. Minamisakugunminamimakimura Nobeyama 462-2
    The National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Radio Observatory is equipped with a 45-meter radio telescope, a solar radio wave intensity polarimeter, and other instruments, as well as lectures through which you can learn about the latest astronomy achievements. The lectures are available and free except at the beginning and end of the year, but note that the time changes once a year due to a special lecture. Learn the mysteries of the boundless cosmos. It’s about 35 minutes from the Nagasaka Interchange or 40 minutes from the Kobuchisawa Interchange.

    When we were coming to the observatory, we didnt expect it to be such an amazing place. The satellite transmitters look like from some film scene. A fascinating place to explore. The entrance is...

  • Yatsugatake Adventure Tours
    4 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Chino-shi Kitayama 3419-75
    "This canoe school is on the shore of Lake Shirakaba in Kitayama, Chino City. They run canoe tours of Lake Shirakaba and rent canoes to those with experience. You can also try out the California born Hobby Mirage Eclipse Standup Pedalboard (known as a ""Step Sap"" in Japan)."

    大人5人と中型犬3頭で予約。基本は大人2名に対して犬1頭らしいので、ネット予約では弾かれたので直接電話で予約しました。全員カヤックは何度も経験済みということで、シングル3艇、タンデム1艇で13時からのカヤックに予約。 当日10時に連絡が入り「10時の予約に来ていないが」と言われ13...

  • Sundayplanning Guesthouse Lamp
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Pref. Kamiminochigunshinanomachi Nojiri 379-2
    An outdoor school located close to Lake Nojiri in Nojiri, Shinano Town, Kamiminochi County. Here you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with a focus on Lake Nojiri, including canoeing, kayaking, rafting, stand up paddle boarding, mushroom and edible wild plant hunting, and, in winter, ski hiking and snowshoeing.
  • Kisouma no Sato Kisouma Horse Riding Center
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Kiso-gun Kisomachi
    This horseback riding facility is located inside the “Kiso Horse Village” in Kaidakogen, Kiso Town. There are about 30 Kiso horses being kept and raised here; they’re a Japanese local breed known as warrior steeds. They are not as tall as thoroughbreds and have gentle personalities, making them especially suitable for those new to horseback riding. You can also ride horse-drawn carriages, experience horse therapy and stablekeeping, and more.
  • Tateshina Herbal Note Simples
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Chino-shi Toyohira 10284
    An herb and aromatherapy shop operating out of a remodeled pioneer farmer's house standing quietly in a remote holiday home area. The shop also carries handmade crafts, accessories, and knickknacks. Particularly recommended are the three variety country garden tea pack, which contains samplings of three seasonal teas; and the four variety bath herb set with cloth bath bag. The shop also holds classes, including a NARD-certified aromatherapy course.
  • Horseland Azumino
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Azumino Toyoshina Minami Hotaka 3800-1
    A tourism farm primarily dedicated to horses. Raising horses and goats, the farm's spacious grounds encompass a horseback riding course and pasture area. The farm offers riding activities for children as young as one year of age. Children up to three years of age can ride together on the same horse with a parent. An instructor accompanies all such courses and holds the reigns, insuring rider safety. The farm also offers a full array of fully fledged horseback riding lesson courses, enabling customers to choose the course which meets their needs and aims. In the petting zoo area, visitors can feed goats and horses (additional fee required).
  • Tateshina Riding Farm
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Chino-shi Kitayama 6153
    A 30-minute, 14 kilometer drive from the Suwa Interchange on the Chuo Expressway. This visitor-oriented horseback riding facility offers lessons and outdoor rides under the clear highland sky. Aiming to make it easy for anyone to ride a horse like a bike or motorcycle, the facility employs a cowboy-style riding system inspired by the old American west. Focusing on outdoor riding, via rope-led rides to full on lessons, everyone from beginners to advanced riders can have fun riding a horse here. The facility's beginner lessons are open to people of elementary school age and older. While outside riding, you just might encounter a deer or other wild animal.
  • Nihon Trekking
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Iida-shi Kitagata 3462
    A horseback riding center situated among the mountains. The center's riding ground is right in front of a guesthouse and hotel, while a panoramic view of the Southern Japan Alps stretches into the distance in the background. The center has rental riding equipment and offers lessons for beginners on up. The center also offers programs such as a farm stay which includes lodging and food, and pony camps for elementary school- to high school-aged students.
  • Sky Blue Happo One Paraglider School
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Kita-azumi-gun Hakubamura
    A paraglider school, one of the largest in Japan, located in Hakuba where you can fly near the Japan Alps. Reviews state customers can enjoy magnificent scenery and a fantastic experience unlike anywhere else. The school offers tandem sightseeing flights in which you are paired with a professional pilot so you can get flying right away, as well as a paragliding licensing course.
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa Higashi 89
    A pet goods store located in Karuizawahigashi, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. Dedicated to the theme of helping people live an elegant lifestyle with their pets, the shop makes primarily leather items with particularly attention paid to the materials and craftsmanship. The shop's selection includes all manner of brand items, cat and dog-themed boutique items, domestic pet foods, and even shop exclusives.
  • PET-SPA Karuizawa Store
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi
    A pet trimming salon located inside the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza mall in front of Karuizawa Station in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. The salon provides services such as shampooing and trimming using methods that cause as little stress to your pet as possible. The salon also offers a pet hotel service, temporary pet holding service, and pet stroller rentals.
    Style / Fashion
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa Karuizawa Prince Hotel East
    A spa facility located inside the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. Here customers can enjoy distinctive Karuizawa-style spa treatment programs incorporating the natural blessings of the area, including Nagano herbs, flowers, and fruits; and hot spring compounds from Karuizawa. The spa also offers special maternity treatments and facial treatments using organic cosmetics by Aromatherapy Associates, a brand based in the UK, an aromatherapy powerhouse.
  • La Chambre de TAKANE Hotel Kajima no Mori Salon
    Style / Fashion
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa 1373-6 Hotel Kashima No Moriuchi
    A beauty salon located inside the Karuizawa Hotel Kajima no Mori situated along Kyu Golf-dori Street in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. The salon offers facial treatments and standard and beautifying acupuncture performed by experienced aestheticians.
  • Yamatoya Paper Shop
    Nagano Pref. Komoroshi Honmachi 3-1-4
    Founded as a Japanese paper wholesaler in 1858, Yamatoya Paper Shop is also famous for being a place where poet and author, Toson Shimazaki, used to come to buy his paper. The shop sells mainly Japanese paper products like letter paper, envelopes, mizubiki-saiku (items made from decorative string), and betrothal gifts. They also stock stationary and office supplies. And there is a gallery where events are occasionally held.
  • Oiwake Colony
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Oiwake 612
    The “Oiwake Colony” secondhand bookstore is in old Nakasendo Oiwake-shuku in Karuizawa. It is a book shop that actively holds events related to a book called “Town of Books / Karuizawa” as well as art and craft exhibitions from the neighboring “Culture Space and Aburaya Project,” secondhand book markets and antique fairs. Opening hours and days alter with the seasons so please check in advance.
  • Osakaya Furniture Main Store
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Karuizawa 629
    This is the original Karuizawa carving Osakaya Furniture Store, founded in 1892, which continues to build on years of carefully hand making furniture that lasts for 100 years. Visitors can still feel the history of the playfulness in the interior designs created in response to the demand during the time when the number of foreign villas dramatically increased in the area.
  • Azumino City Hotaka Pottery Hall
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Aduminoshi Hotaka 8414-17
    A ceramics class studio located in Hotaka, Azumino City. The studio was opened in 1983 to promote ceramic arts in the area. The studio has a gallery with a standing exhibition of 70 pieces of ancient folk pottery as well as a classroom where people can learn and experience the various processes involved in pottery making, and visitors can come in contact with ceramics here in a variety of ways.
  • Roger
    Nagano Pref. Naganoshi Naganokaminishinomonchou 604-1
    A home and lifestyle goods boutique situated along Prefectural Route 399 in Kaminishinomon-cho, Nagano City. The shop sells tableware and knickknacks imported from around the world with a focus on items from Europe. The shop also sells original products themed after apples and other Nagano specialty goods.
  • Shimizu Milk Farm and Cheese Factory
    1 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Nagawa 51
    A farm-fresh shop selling dairy products located in Nagawa, Matsumoto City. Here you can by aged and fresh cheeses of all kinds, fresh milk, yogurt, and other dairy. The shop's yogurt was selected as the number one choice in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper's list of its top 10 luxury yogurts.

    Beautiful way in the mountains, up to this great delicious cheese and yogurt farm. Not cheap, but very delicious.

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Nagano prefecture is an exciting mix of mountains, hot spring monkeys, and preserved Edo history. At the heart of the Japanese Alps, Nagano is one of the country’s most popular destinations, whether in winter for its snow sports and the much-loved Jigokudani Monkey Park or in the warmer months for discovering the undulating hills on foot. For fantastic Edo architecture, head to the Kiso Valley for a 60-kilometer stretch of quaint wooden buildings that marked the Nakasendo route 200 years ago.

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