Other Sightseeing Spots in Toyama Area

  • Thatched-Roof Houses of Ainokura Village
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    Toyama Pref. Nantoshi Ainokura
    There are more than 20 houses, characterized by their heavily slanted thatched roofs, in this village located on a long, narrow plateau of land in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture. Here visitors can get a feel for the old traditional Japanese way of life and beautiful countryside nestled in the mountains with fields of rice and other crops surrounding the houses. Ainokura Village offers an inn, souvenir shop, tea house, and folk museum all in the thatched-roof style. The village light up event held every season is also a must-see. Together with the village of Suganuma, the Ainokura Village is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    I preferred Shirakawago to Ainokura, but since there are very few tourists in Ainokura we could see tiny frogs and big grasshoppers in the woods in the viewpoint at the begining of the village. The...

  • Manga Road
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    Toyama Himi-shi Himimachi
    This street is in Himi-machi, Himi City. Based around the work of manga artist and Himi native Fujiko Fujio (A), with monuments of fish-themed characters designed by Fujiko, and an automaton clock based one of his biggest works, Ninja Hattori. And the Himi City Shiokaze Gallery also displays original panels and more in the Fujiko Fujio (A) Art Collection.

    A day visit to Himi in Japan. Home of the celebrated artist Motoo Abiko credited with writing Ninja Hattori - manga art. The decorations on the street makes the street more colourful, and it...

  • Okukane Bridge
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    Toyama Kurobe-shi Kurobe Okuyama Kokuyurin
    This 34 meter high bridge is found on the walk toward Babadani Valley from the final stop on the Kurobe Gorge Railway, Keyakidaira Station. The solidly built bridge is painted deep red, and the color matches the green of the valley below perfectly. In the fall foliage season, it draws massive crowds. The peak foliage season is from late October through mid-November.

    The bridge is next to Keyakidaira train station. If you want to go uphill to Meiken Onsen and Babadani Jigoku direction, you need to pass through this bridge which is currently under minor repair...

  • Kurobe Dam Observation Deck
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    Toyama Pref. Nakanikawaguntateyamamachi Ashikuraji
    This observation deck is located 220 steps up an underground staircase from Kurobe Dam Station. This photogenic spot offers a view of Kurobe Dam and a great panoramic view of the Northern Alps to enjoy. The views of the Tateyama mountain range from an altitude of 1,508 meters are truly stunning. Visitors can relax while enjoying a coffee made with water from the shatter zone and views of Kurobe Dam at the rest house located below the observation deck. The souvenir shop offers original Kurobe Dam merchandise.
  • Unazuki Dam
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    Toyama Kurobe-shi Unazukimachi Funami Akebi Otozawa 4-9
    There is an information center that displays various information and materials on the mechanism of the Unazuki Dam, the nature of the Kurobe River, and the work to protect the Kurobe River. It is also possible to visit a part of the audit corridor if you make a request in advance.


  • Shinminato-ohashi Bridge
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    Toyama Pref. Imizushi Honmachi 2-10-30
    The largest cable-stayed bridge in the Japan Sea region, the Shinminato-ohashi Bridge links the east and west coasts of Toyama Shinko port in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture. It is 3.6 kilometers long, with the main section suspended over the sea coming in at 600 meters and the main tower 127 meters tall. The contrast between the blue sea and white tower is splendid, as is the view of the sprawling Japan Sea, the Tateyama mountain range, and the Noto Peninsula from the elevated road and the walkway on the lower level.
  • Ikujinaka-bashi Bridge
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    Toyama Kurobe-shi Ikuji Aimonocho
    This portable bridge crosses Kurobe Port, in the Ikuji district of Kurobe City, Toyama prefecture. It was built during the Showa era to allow crossing of Kurobe Port to expand the port, and at first was a full draw-bridge style, but now half of the bridge rotates to allow passage. It's a rare design, and was the first such rotating half-bridge in Japan.


  • Toyama Port Observation Tower
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    Toyama Pref. Toyamashi Higashiwasemachi Coastal street 5
    As the name suggests, this free observation deck offers views of Toyama Port. Visitors can look down on the good old townscape of Iwase from 20 meters up. On clear days, you can see the Toyama Bay as well as the Noto Peninsula and the Tateyama Mountain Range. The views are so good, you may end up staying longer than you intended, which may be the secret to the tower's popularity. The unique exterior design, reminiscent of a stone garden lantern, was modeled after the lighthouse that helped guide ships in the port during northbound ships sailing. Embued with a sincere wish for safe shipping and the prosperity of the port, the tower continues to watch over Toyama Port, a key port for trade throughout the Sea of Japan.
  • Sankyoson Observatory
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    Toyama Pref. Tonamishi Gotani 160
    "This observation deck a 20-minute drive from Hokuriku Expressway's Tonami Interchange offers a view of the settlements scattered across the Tonami plains. From there, you can also see as far as Toyama Bay and the Sea of Japan. In summer, your view of the land below will be filled with verdant rice paddies. The beautiful moonlit night scenery is also a must-see. The observatory, which sits at an altitude of some 400 meters, is also popular for its nighttime views due to the nearly 180 degree field of view. It has also been designated as one of Toyama prefecture's best ""hometown views."" "
  • Toyama City Hall Observation Tower
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    Toyama Toyama-shi Shinsakuramachi 7-38
    This free observation deck is in the Toyama City Hall, on Joshi-odori avenue in Shinsakura-machi, Toyama City. Located 70 meters in the air, and offers a lovely 360 degree panorama view of the Toyama Cityscape, Tateyama mountain range, Toyama bay, and more. There are binoculars with audio guide attached, and on Christmas, New Year's and during the White Illumination Toyama event, they have special opening hours.
  • Suwamachi Street
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    Toyama Pref. Toyamashi Yatsuomachisuwamachi
    This cobbled street in Suwamachi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama City is lined with traditional buildings with tiled roofs, white plaster walls, and latticed doors. The historic neighborhood is a popular spot for experiencing the atmosphere of days long past. It was even selected as one of 100 Best Roads in Japan. It is one of the venues of the Etchu Yatsuo Owara Kaze no Bon, the forlk music festival, held from the first to the third of September each year.
  • Yamabiko Observation Deck
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    Toyama Pref. Kurobeshi Kurobekyoukokuguchi 11
    This observation deck is a three-minute walk from the Kurobe Gorge Railway Main Line's Unazuki Station. Located above Shin Yamabiko Bridge, it offers views of the trolley car that operates on the bridge, Kurobe River, and the surrounding area. The picture of the trolley car coming out of the tunnel you occasionally see in posters and other places in the area was taken here. A copy of the trolley's time table is posted at the deck so you can see when it arrives at Unazuki Station. We especially recommend the fall foliage season, which sees many people arrive to take pictures.
  • Komaki Dam
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    Toyama Pref. Tonamishi Shougawamachiomaki
    "This hydroelectric power dam a 20-minute drive from Tonami Interchange was finished in 1930. Its beautiful radial gates earned it the nickname of ""the number one dam of the orient"" at the time. The dam's stately appearance has remained the same for more than 80 years. In 2002, it was registered as a National Cultural Property. A sightseeing boat that offers views of the Shogawa River ravine operates out of Komaki Port on the lake's shore. Passengers can enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the lake's emerald surface."
  • Senbon lattice houses, Kanayamachi
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    Toyama Takaoka-shi Kanayamachi
    Toshinaga Maeda, the second head of the Maeda family of Kaga, opened the town of Takaoka and invited seven foundrymen to make castings; in the late 18th century, they began producing copper castings, laying the foundation for Takaoka copperware. Town houses built from the Edo period to the early Showa period line the streets, and the cobblestone streets embedded with copper pieces create a beautiful scene. Although the Takaoka Copper Works has moved to the suburbs, a bronze statue standing on the street tells its history.
  • Sankyoson
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    Toyama Tonami-shi Nomura Shima Shogawamachi Hoka
  • Yokamachi Dori
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    Toyama Nanto-shi Inami
    "Iba is the center of Japanese wood carving, with its origins in the techniques of the palace carpenters, and was recognized in 2018 (Heisei 30) as a Japan Heritage Site as ""Iba, the Museum of Wood Carving, Born from a Single Chisel of a Palace Carpenter"". Local carvers use numerous tools to create intricate and detailed works of art. Mr. Nishimura, the sculptor, is challenging himself to create new works while respecting the tradition."
  • Nunohashi
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    Toyama Nakaniikawa-gun Tateyamamachi Ashikuraji
  • Sedge hats wholesaler townscape
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    Toyama Takaoka-shi Fukuokamachi Otaki
  • Kurobe Mannen Yuki Observation Deck
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    Toyama Kurobe-shi Kurobe Okuyama Kokuyurin
    This observation deck is quite close to Kanetsuri Station on the Kurobe Gorge Railway, and offers a view of firn. It has been accumulated snowfall on Mt. Hyakkan slides into the valley and recrystallizes under the pressure to create a solid mass that won't melt even in summer. The observation deck has benches, and it's perfect for a break on long walks.
  • Kawara Observation Deck and Footbath (Keyakidaira)
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    Toyama Kurobe-shi
    This observation deck is located a ten-minute walk from the final stop on the Kurobe Gorge Railway, Keyakidaira Station. You can enjoy a foot bath with an up-close view of the Kurobe river. It's a great place to relax and enjoy a view of surrounding mountains and the beautiful river.

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Toyama is one of the three prefectures that house the Japanese Alps, with its southern and eastern borders comprising one long stretch of mountains, out of which the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is forged. While traditional crafts fill the northern coastal cities of Toyama and Takaoka, thatched roof houses offer unrivalled views against a backdrop of fantastic scenery at Gokayama in the mountainous area in the south of the prefecture.

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