Other Sightseeing Spots in Akita Area

  • Hakka Pass Viewing Platform
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    Akita Pref. Kadunogunkosakamachi Towadako Shipping pass
    A viewing platform located along the Hakka Pass 631 meters above sea level. One of the best viewing platforms in the Lake Towada area, visitors can enjoy picturesque scenery, including of course the magnificent lake as well as Mt. Ohanabe in the Towada caldera and the Hakko Mountain Range. The site also has toilets and a souvenir shop, making it the perfect place to stop for a rest in the middle of a drive.

    Worth visiting though in Western parlance it would be more helpful to refer to it as an Observation Point

  • Sky Park Mt. Kanpu Panorama Observation Deck
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    Akita Pref. Ogashi Wakimototominaga Kampuzan 62
    An observation deck standing on top of Mt. Kanpu, well known for its beautiful landscape views. On the first floor is a souvenir shop and restaurant, while on the second and third floors visitors can see photographs of the Hachirogata reclamation and displays on the history and nature of the Oga Peninsula in the exhibition rooms. On the fourth floor is the rotating observation deck. From here visitors can see the full 360 degree panorama from Mt. Kanpu, named one of the three best sights in the world.

    Despite two large tour groups soon to arrive, orders were happily taken and quickly prepared. Reasonable price for tasty food. Device vends tickets easily dispensed with pictures of the products...

  • Kakunodate Bukeyashiki (Samurai Residence Area)
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    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Kakunodatemachiomotemachikamichou - Higashi Matsubori
    This samurai district was the result of large scale urban planning by Lord Ashina at the beginning of the Edo period, in 1620. Designated an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, there are still a number of samurai houses preserved, including the Aoyagi house. The area is also famed for cherry blossoms, with weeping cherry and other different cherry trees than Yoshino lining the streets. The Kakunodate Sakura festival is held every year from April 20 to May 5.
  • Hamanasu Observation Deck
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    Akita Pref. Noshiroshi Omoriyama
    This lookout is at Noshiro Green Harbor in Omoriyama, Noshiro City. From a height of 27 meters it offers a view of the Sea of Japan; Kaze-no-Matsubara, the nation's largest pine forest; and the Shirakami-Sanchi, a World Natural Heritage Site. The adjacent Hamanasu Gallery features over 200 murals by local residents on the port's breakwater.

    8時の飛行機で1時間ほど時間をつぶすため行きました。 実は最初風の松原に行ってなんの予習もなく 行って通りかかりの方に道を尋ねたら なんとボランティアのガイドの方たちでした!そしたら秋田空港までの時間逆算したら松原より展望台の方が今客船も来ているので と勧められ、親切にも先導してくださり 風力発電や火力発電、砂浜、客船のことなど ガイドしてくださり楽しい時間を過ごせました!次回風の松原挑戦したいで...

  • Nyudozaki Lighthouse
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    Akita Pref. Ogashi Kitauranyudouzaki Kombura
    This lighthouse is located on the side of Prefectural Route 121 in Konbuura, Kitauranyudozaki, Oga City. Notable for its black and white striped exterior, it is also known as being one of only 16 lighthouses in Japan that visitors can climb. It offers a sweeping view of the Oga Peninsula, the Sea of Japan, and Mizushima Island off the coast. There is also room with exhibits about the lighthouse and a monument to that shows the location of the 40th parallel north.
  • Chokai Panorama Line
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    Akita Nikaho-shi
    A driving course along Prefectural Route 312 in Nikaho City. The route travels across the northern side of Mt. Chokai at an elevation of around 500 meters across the Nikaho Highlands. You can enjoy a drive along the gentle mountain road while looking out at Mt. Chokai and the Sea of Japan.
  • Yokote Park Observation Deck
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    Akita Yokote Shiroyamamachi 29-1
    An observation deck located in Yokote Park in Shiroyama-machi, Yokote City. The observation deck is built to resemble a castle keep on the grounds of a former outer citadel (and is commonly called Yokote Castle). From the observation deck you can look out over the surrounding scenery including the Yokote Basin, Mt. Chokai, and the Yokote River. While the observation deck is closed from December to March it is briefly reopened in February during the Yokote Snow Festival.
  • Shimeitei Observatory
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    Akita Kazuno-gun
    An observatory platform along the Jukai Line road in Nakanotai, Towakado, Kosaka Town, Kazuno County. It overlooks the Nishinoumi, the western side of the Nakayama Peninsula which juts into Lake Towada, as well as the Yasumiya Port. From here you can see the heart shape of Lake Towada.
  • Tamachi Samurai Residence Street
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    Akita Senboku-shi Kakunodatemachi
    A street in Tamachikamicho, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku City. This is the area where the retainers of the Satake clan, governors of the Akita domain, lived and the townscape appearance with its black wooden fences of the past has been preserved. There are lots of sights to take in while strolling down the street including samurai residences such as the Nishinomiya Residence or the Shinchosha Memorial Literature Museum built to honor Sato Giryo, founder of Shinchosha Publishing Co.
  • Namahage Line
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    Akita Oga-shi
    A wide and comfortable driving road that runs between the Funagawaminato Niiyama Intersection on National Route 101 and the Kitauranomura Intersection on Akita's Prefectural Route 55. It's also known as the Seven Bridges. The bridges are, starting from the south, Aosagi Bridge, Namahage Ohashi Bridge, Ao-Oni Bridge, Aka-Oni Bridge, Hatahata Bridge, Buriko Bridge, and Akiaji Bridge.
  • Obukazawa Observatory
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    Akita Pref. Kadunoshi Hachimantai
    On the border between Akita and Iwate prefectures, this observatory spot sits at an elevation of 1,560 meters. The smooth ridgeline of the mountains is quite beautiful, and—coupled with the distant views of Mt. Akitakomagatake, Mt. Chokai, and Mt. Gassan—makes this location a truly scenic spot.
  • Hokodate View Terrace
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    Akita Pref. Nikahoshi Kisakatamachikodaki Hosho
    Hokodate View Terrace is at the fifth station on Mt. Chokai. The highest point on the Chokai Blue Line, it also serves as the trailhead for the Mt. Chokai Kisakata-guchi climbing trail. You can see the Sea of Japan from the observation platform, and on the opposite side facing the mountains, you can look down over the V-shaped Naso Valley. The seasonal attractions such as green spring leaves and colored fall leaves make it a big tourist draw. Near the parking area there is a facility, named Inakura-sansho, where you can stop for meals or rest, as well as public toilets. The visitor center has exhibits introducing Mt. Chokai.
  • Hachibodai
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    Akita Prefecture Oga-shi Togah
    One of the best sunset-viewing spots in Oga Peninsula, this site offers a sweeping view of Toga Bay, Ichinome-gata, Ninome-gata, the Ou Mountain range, and even the Aomori Prefecture border. This place is famous for receiving its name from Their Highness Prince Takamatsu.
  • Meiji Hyakunen-dori Street
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    Akita Pref. Kadunogunkosakamachi Kosakakouzan
    This street preserves much of its appearance from Kosaka town’s hay day as Asia’s foremost copper mine town. The town has a number of more modern cultural heritages, including the Kosaka Mine Office, lit up at night for a mystical sight, and the National Important Cultural Property, Tenshikan “angel hall.” Come enjoy a walk through history on the acacia lined streets.
  • Former Ikeda Family Garden
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    Akita Daisen-shi Takanashi Oshima 1
    The garden of the Ikeda family, one of the former three largest landowners in the Tohoku region. In 2004 it was designated as the prefectures first National Garden of Scenic Beauty. As the garden of one of the most prominent landowners in Japan it was designed by landscape architect Nagaoka Yasuhei who also designed the Momijidani in Tokyo's Shiba Park and Odori Park in Sapporo. The country's largest three-legged stone lantern and the prefecture's oldest reinforced concrete Western-style house (designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan) are symbols of the garden.
  • Hachimantai Aspite Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Kazuno-city, Akita Prefecture
    Hachimantai Aspite Line is a 47.2 kilometer road linking Kazuno City with Iwate Prefecture's Hachimantai City, and is famous for passing through deep snow, creating Japan's longest snow walls. The area is filled with hot springs, ski resorts, and beautiful scenery. Some areas are closed in winter, so please check in advance.
  • Kawabata Dori
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    Akita Akita-shi Omachi

    Akita gets real quiet after normal working hours. kawabata street is one of the few areas where there will be signs of life at the izakayas, bars and host clubs. unless youre trying to splash on...

  • Tamagawa Dam
    32 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Senboku-shi

    Located about 16km away from the crowd in Lake Tazawa along Route 341, Tamagawa Dam (and its accompanying Karyu Park) is a good place to have a picnic in autumn or as a pit-stop for some nice photos...

  • Ochiai Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Daisen-shi
  • Takasegawa Hara Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Kazuno-shi

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Famed for its sake and samurai, Akita prefecture offers quintessential Japanese culture in a non-touristy setting. Alongside the celebrated rice paddies and historical sites of the region lies dramatic natural scenery in the form of the rugged coastline of the Oga Peninsula and the Dakigaeri Gorge, best visited in autumn, when the leaves begin to change color.

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