Other Sightseeing Spots in Kagawa Area

  • Seto Ohashi Tower
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    Kagawa Pref. Sakaideshi Bannosumidorichou 6-6
    This 108-meter-tall tower is in Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture, and offers a rotating observation platform for a 360 degree panorama view. The clockwise rotating cabin completes a rotation every two minutes, and has a view of sights like the Seto-ohashi Bridge, the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Goshikidai plateau, and more. There is a reservation-only restaurant in the tower, and a souvenir center selling Sanuki udon, olive products, and other local specialties.

    My wife is from nearby Sakaide. This was a bit of nice discovery. It is not clear why it is not more popular. The view is incredible and is worth the 7 dollars to go up. It gives you a 360 degree...

  • Angel Road
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    Kagawa Pref. Shouzuguntonoshouchou Ginpura
    This mysterious sand road appears and disappears with the changing of the tide. It’s said that if you cross Angel Road while holding hands with that special someone that your wishes come true. Beautiful scenery awaits you any time of day from sunrise to evening. Try sending a mail from the mailbox at the gift shop. They will post-mark it with olive and Angel Road designs. The road is about a five-minute drive from Tonosho Port.
  • Seto-ohashi Bridge
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    From Okayama Prefecture Kurashiki City to Kagawa Prefecture Sakaide City
    This is the name given to the six bridges connecting Honshu and Shikoku that opened in 1988. It has also been certified by Guiness as the world's largest combined railway and road bridge. Every spring and autumn, there are tours where you can climb the tower (175 meters high above sea level). You can walk on the inspection passages of the JR Seto-Ohashi Line that are normally off limits, and enjoy the charming view of the magnificent scenery of the Seto Inland Sea from the top of the tower. In addition, it is illuminated after sunset every Saturday and other specified days, enabling you to see a romantic side not seen during the day.
  • Zogahana Observation Deck
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    Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Ariakechou 12
    This observatory on Mt. Kotohiki looks out on a famous work of sand art known as the Sand Coin. From Kotohiki Park, go up the stairs that lead to Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine. A path starting beside the main building will bring you to the observation deck. There's also direct vehicle access to the platform. It's said looking down on the Sand Coin will ensure a long, healthy, and financially prosperous life. While there don't miss Kannonji Matsubara, which has been selected as one of top 100 white sand beaches with green pine groves in Japan.
  • Shishi no Reigan Lookout
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    Kagawa Pref. Takamatsushi Yashimahigashimachi
    This lookout got its name from a boulder beneath it that's thought to look like a mythical shishi lion roaring toward the sea. The lookout has a superb view of Takamatsu City and the Setouchi islands. You can also take part in a tradition there known as Kawarake-nage to invite good luck and ward off ill fortune.
  • Ogijima Lighthouse
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    Kagawa Pref. Takamatsushi Ogichou 1062-3
    "This 120-year-old lighthouse is made of unpainted Aji stone, extremely unusual for any lighthouse in Japan, and has been selected for inclusion in a list of Japan's Top 50 Lighthouses. The lighthouse was also famously used as allocation in the movie ""Times of Joy and Sorrow."" The adjoining Ogijima Lighthouse Museum contains exhibits on lighthouses around the country and the history of Ogijima."
  • Mt. Shotsuji Mountaintop Observation Deck
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    Kagawa Ayauta-gun Utazucho 2719-1
    This observatory is located on the grounds of the St. Angeline wedding venue. Easily accessible by car, the observatory offers a sweeping view of the Great Seto Bridge and the islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The observatory’s dynamic scenery has been included in the Japan Nightscape Heritage list and, on clear days, visitors can see all the way to Okayama Prefecture across the sea. Also a designated Lover's Sanctuary, the observatory has a fence covered with countless “love vow locks” placed on it by couples as a sign of the strength of their love for each other. In addition, the area is a renowned cherry blossom-viewing destination, and in the spring when the trees are in bloom, the observatory bustles with tourists and local residents.
  • Hougetsudou
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    Kagawa Marugame-shi Honjima
    "The view of the Seto-ohashi Bridge can be seen from the top of Mt. There are many points of interest along the way, including a point where boulders are stacked on top of each other, a shrine under a boulder, and a large rock with a pattern called a ""tengu's footprint."
  • Washigamine Observatory
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    Kagawa Takamatsu-shi Megicho
    This is the observatory where it is said that oni ogres once resided. At 188-meter elevation, it is just beyond the Onigashima Cavern. Although not a remarkable elevation for an observatory, because of the unencumbered view, visitors have a panoramic view including Takamatsu Harbor to the south, Ogi Island to the North, Nao Island to the west and Shodo Island to the east. Beneath ones feet is a directional map naming all of the islands in view. In the springtime, the whole island is enveloped in cherry blossoms. Many visitors come to enjoy the magnificent scenic view of the archipelago combined with the beauty of the cherry blossoms.
  • Honenikeishidumiachidamu
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    Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Onoharachoutanono
  • Gold Tower
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Ayauta-gun Utazu Cho Hamaichibancho 8-1
  • Zogahanaiwazenigatatembodai
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Ariakechou
  • Yashima Shishi no Reigan Lookout
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Takamatsu-shi Yashima
  • Shiramine Observation Deck
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Sakaide-shi Takayacho
  • tenshinosumuoka Sun Angelina Tembodai
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Ayautagunutaduchou Hirayama 2719-1
  • Ochiai Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Takamatsu-shi
  • Aya Saka Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Sakaide-shi
  • Sankabashi
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Kanonjishi Yahatachou 1-chome
  • Shodoshima Skyline
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshima Cho Tonoshocho
  • Blue Line (Kankakei Park Sen)
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    Kagawa Shozu-gun Shodoshima Cho Yasuda etc.

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Japan’s smallest prefecture, Kagawa, may take up just a small corner of Shikoku, but it has grown increasingly popular with the recognition of Naoshima, its "art island" in the Seto Inland Sea between Shikoku and Honshu. Just a stone’s throw from the islands, mainland Kagawa’s prefectural capital, Takamatsu, holds history in its castle ruins and its pride and joy, Ritsurin Garden, is known as one of the country’s best gardens.

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