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Food&Drink in Hyogo

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  • es koyama
    Hyougo Pref. Sandashi Yurinokidai 5-32-1
  • Frantz Cafe
    11 Reviews
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Higashikawasakichou 1-6-1 umie mosaic 3F

    Had a birthday dinner at Franz Kobe last night. The food was incredibly good. Could not fault it. I love this place and Wes the chef is brilliant. We visit whenever in Japan. Will be back next year...

  • Kobe Steak Ishida
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Kitanagasadori 1-20-13 Kitano Saka second hall 3F
  • Zenjuan Gonsoba
    11 Reviews
    Soba / Udon
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Kita-ku Arimachou 1019 Arima Studio 1F


  • Kameido Honke Main Shop
    4 Reviews
    Japanese Confectionery
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Kitanagasadori 3-31-70

    瓦せんべい以外にも、いろいろな商品があります。 値段も、そんなに高くなく、誰にでも、喜ばれる味だと思います。

Hyogo Main Areas


Hyogo prefecture stretches from the north coast to the south coast on the western end of the popular Kansai region, encompassing verdant mountains, urban beaches, and fantastic historical sights. The prefecture’s main attractions lie along the south coast at Kobe, the prefectural capital, a pretty harbor city best known for its production of the renowned Kobe beef, and Himeji, the home of Himeji Castle, one of the country’s most beautifully preserved feudal castles, perched magically atop a hill.

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