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Where to Eat in Awajishima



21. June. 2018

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Awajishima boasts a long and prestigious culinary history: from antiquity through to the 12th century, the island enjoyed special status as a producer of food for the Imperial Court. These days it is known as one of the main sources of the livestock used for Japan’s world-famous Kobe and Matsusaka beef varieties, and at the more modest end of the spectrum for its tamanegi round onions. A wide range of eateries across Awajishima make great use of these and other local produce.


  • Awaji beef and pork skewers at Yurari Yura Izakaya in Sumoto City
  • Awaji Burger at the Awaji Rest Area
  • Tamanegi pizza at Fukura Marche, Minamiawaji City
  • Minced beef Awaji Burger at Fukura Marche in Minamiawaji City
  • Tamanegi curry at I-Ai Cafe in Awaji City
  • Izakaya seafood next to the Uzushio Cruise port, Minamiawaji City

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