Other Bathing Facility Spots in Shizuoka Area

  • Ieyasu no Yu
    113 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Atamishi Tawarahonchou 11-1
    A free footbath in the rotary in front of Atami Station, this facility was established in 2003 as part of the 400th anniversary celebration of the Tokugawa Ieyasu’s appointment as the first shogun. It was renovated at the end of 2014. The water is 100% natural spring water, and it has a roofed section that can seat over 10 people, so you can enjoy it on rainy days as well. There is a vending machine that sells towels, and you can also enjoy a manmade geyser that periodically gushes water.

    熱海駅を出た正面にあります。 いぃ感じの暖かさで、まったり出来ます。 タオルが無い方向けに、近くにはオリジナルタオルの自販機(¥100-)もあります。 但し、湯の出口付近は熱い湯が出るので注意が必要です。 ----- 0-minute walk from the station hot spring (but footbath) It is in front of Atami...

  • Shimogamo Onsen Gin-no-yu Kaikan
    22 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Kamogunminamizuchou Shimogamo 247-1
    This municipal day-trip hot spring facility located in Minamiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture was remodeled and reopened in 2016. In addition to the large indoor baths, the facility offers a variety of other bathtubs including iwaburo (a bathtub surrounded by rocks), neyu (baths in which one can lay down), and tropical-style baths all in the rotemburo outdoor bath area, and guests can enjoy types of hot water that change each season. There are also a massage corner and rest area where guests can relax after finishing their bath. In the restaurant, patrons can enjoy a very Shizuoka-like menu including bowls of kama-age shirasu (boiled whitebait) and cha soba (soba noodles made by adding green tea powder to the buckwheat flour mixture).

    ここの近くに良くダイビングに出かけるのですが、ここを利用するのは初めてでした。 だいぶ昔に下賀茂温泉の旅館に泊まったことがあり、そこは塩分濃度も高く高温の源泉を空気に触れさせて冷ますと言ったお湯で、濃厚だった印象があるのですが、こちらはサラリとしたお湯です。 匂いを嗅いでみると少し塩素臭も… 残念ながら、露天にある浅く寝転んで浸かる浴槽以外は全て循環式のお湯でした。 食事処も隣接し、館内も清潔で料...

  • Narakoko no Yu
    25 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Kakegawashi Ijiri 179
    "This day-trip bathing hot spring facility is located in ""Narakoko no Sato"" in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The hot springs are 100% source springs, with fully equipped indoor and outdoor baths. You can enjoy a bath surrounded by mountains, with great views in all four seasons. The facility has a restaurant ""NarakokoShokudo"" too. Furthermore, ""Narakoko no Sato"" also features ""Narakoko Camp"", which is utilized by many."


  • Tennen Onsen Aratamanoyu
    2 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Hamamatsushi Hamakita-ku Yondaichi 9-921
    A day-trip onsen facility in Yondaichi, Hamakita Ward, Hamamatsu City. Featuring a gensen-kakenagashi-style of carbon dioxide-hydrogen bath said to be bath for beautiful skin, the shinrin no yu and sekitei no yu rotate between men and women weekly. There are also a reservable private bath with hand railings, and a free foot bath outdoors. Adjacent are restaurants, shops, specialty goods stores, and relaxation facilities. It's possible to come just for a meal.

    あらたまの湯にお越しの際は、1日入浴券、大人880円がおすすめです!(室内着の作務衣もついてこのお値段で何度も入浴可能です!) 温泉入浴後は、あらたま亭でお食事がおすすめです。こちらのお食事処の定食は、とてもリーズナブルです。700円からありますのでお財布にも優しいです。そのボリュームもあり味もまずまずですよ! 私は、刺身定食を頂きました。お値段は、1000円でした!ご飯も無料で大盛りにしてくれま...

  • Izu Nagaoka Onsen Konayumoto Park Foot Baths
    4 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Izunokunishi Kona 1199-3
    These foot baths that opened inside of Konayumoto Park in 2008 are located about 200 meters from Chitose Bridge, which spans the Kano River. It is sourced by Izu Nagaoka Onsen, a historic 1,300 year-old spa counted among Izu's three oldest along with Izuzan Onsen's Hashiriyu (gushing hot spring) and Shuzenji Onsen. The foot baths are equipped with a roof and are large enough for 7-8 people at a time. Blending water from two local hot springs provides the baths with a mineral profile that give them a mild character and strong warming effects.


  • Tatsuyama Public Bath Yasuragi no Yu
    1 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Tenryu-ku Tatsuyamacho Tokura 711-2
    This bathhouse is located in a large complex outfitted with medical, health, and welfare facilities. Here you can ease away the fatigue of the day while taking in a view of the majestic Tenryu River and lush Tenryu Birin Forest. The clean and tidy indoor bath area is a relaxing space with a Japanese decor. From the area's large windows, you can enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms in spring and fall foliage in autumn. The bathhouse has no adjoining restaurant and customers are allowed to bring in food and drink such as bento box lunches. The bathhouse is widely loved by locals for its cozy atmosphere and is used as a space for rest and relaxation.

    秋葉ダムの近く、周りは何もない。公共の浴場で、温泉ではないが自分の行った日はほとんど人もおらずのんびりとつかれた。 和室の休憩室や飲料、パンやカップ麺の自販機等があるので入浴後にくつろげる。 浜松市民は200円で入れる、というのを見てここも浜松市なんだと気づかされた。

  • Hina no Ashiyu Foot Baths
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Kamogunhigashizuchou Inatori
    These footbaths are located inside of Inatori Bunka Park near the entrance to Inatori Onsen. The baths, which are large enough for up twenty people at a time, are divided up into five blocks. Each block has a different temperature, allowing you to enjoy your preferred temperature. Look for the large onsen yagura (decorative watch tower marking a hot spring).
  • Kawazu Saburo no Ashiyudokoro
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Kamo-gun Kawazucho Yatsu 417-3
    These free foot baths are located about an eight-minute walk from Kawazu Station on the Izu Kyuko Line. The baths are situated on the banks of the Kawazu River, which flows through Kawazu Town, a community best known for its Kawazu-zakura cherry trees and its hot springs. The Kawazu-zakura Cherry Festival, which is attended by many people, is held nearby every February. Visitors can enjoy a head-on view of the Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms and rape blossom while soaking their feet in the baths. The town features several other foot baths including the Sakura no Ashiyudokoro, the Housen no Ashiyudokoro, the Mine Onsen Daifunto Koen no Ashiyudokoro, and the Funado no Banya no Ashiyudokoro, all of which are free to use. The baths are fed by a 64.2-degree Celsius sodium chloride hot spring.
  • Hosen no Ashiyudokoro
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Kamo-gun Kawazucho Mine 517-1
    These free foot baths are located next to the Mine Onsen bus stop about a five-minute ride from Kawazu Station on the Izu Kyuko Line on the Tokai Bus to Kawazu Shuzenji Station. The baths are installed inside Toyoizumi Park, which was developed on the bank of the Kawazu River in Mine Onsen. Located next to a cycling and walking path, the baths are an ideal place to stop for a break while exercising. The baths are one of the venues of the Kawazu-zakura cherry Festival held every February and are also a well-known as a hub for socialization in the community. The baths are fed by a 64.2-degree Celsius sodium chloride hot spring and also feature bamboo foot massagers heated by the hot spring, a wooden rest area, and even a wheelchair entrance.
  • Suijin no Mori Footbath
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Nishi-ku Kanzanjicho
  • Ocean Spa Fuua
    23 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Atami-shi Wadahamaminamicho 10-1

    Decided to try out the new wing of Korakuen with entitles one to an entry to the attached Ocean Spa Fuua. Once you enter the spa, you will get a tag, which you can exit from the restaurant and still...

  • Ki no Hana no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Gotenba-shi Fukasawa 2839-1
  • Chisoku no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Izu-shi
  • amimotoryoritokuzomaru amanoashiyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Pref. Kamogunhigashizuchou Inatori 774
  • Ieyama no Ashiyu (foot bath)
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Shimada-shi Kawanecho Ieyama
  • ashigararomankan ashigarayu ashigara S.A
    Shizuoka Prefecture Sunto-gun Oyama-cho Tomei Expressway Ashigara SA down
  • G-SPA
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Shimizu-ku Ejiridaimachi
  • Matsukawa Park Ashiyu (foot bath) 「Fureai no Yu」
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Shizuoka Ito-shi Matsukawacho 5

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With the giant Pacific Ocean to the south and the great Mount Fuji to the north, Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with some of the best views the country has to offer. The white sand beaches of the Izu Peninsula are a rare find on mainland Japan, neighbored by beautiful cliffs, tumbling hills, and natural hot springs. As Japan's largest producer of green tea, the age-old tradition of tea drinking is ubiquitous in Shizuoka, from the miles of tea fields to the old tea houses hosting traditional tea ceremonies.

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