Other Bathing Facility Spots in Gifu Area

  • Shirakaba-daira Station Footbath
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Takayama-shi Okuhida Onsenkyo Shinhodaka Shirakaba
    A foot bath at the Shinhotaka Ropeway's Shirakabadaira Station, where you'll find Japan's only two-story gondola. It's a nice spot to relax just in front of the station with a view of the Daini Ropeway. Bread, soft serve ice cream, and Hida beef croquettes are available for takeout and you can eat them while soaking your feet. Lots of people visit this pleasant Shinhotaka Highland spot after using the ropeway or hiking at Nabedaira Highland.
  • Higaku no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Takayama-shi Okuhida Onsenkyo Nakao 442-7
    "This day-use bathing facility in ""Shinhotaka Onsen,"" is located in the deepest part of the Okuhida hot spring village. From the outoside bath, you can gaze upon Mt. Shakujo, with steep rock cliffs that resemble folding screens. In the rest area inside the building, you can have fun operating railroad cars on the largest railway diorama in Gifu prefecture (extra charge). There is also a spacious restaurant where you can taste yakiniku set meals made with top-ranking Hida beef. There are numerous unique menu items, such as a bowl of rice topped with onsen tamago and raw egg, Hida beef curry, and the regional specialty pickles steak."
  • Ka Miho no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Gujo-shi Shirotoricho Naru
  • Kaigoyoboshisetubarano Sato
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Gifu Pref. Ampachigungoudochou Goudo 1001-2

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Tucked away in the very center of Japan, Gifu prefecture houses mountains, old towns, and one of Japan’s greatest hot springs, Gero Onsen. A tour of the prefecture’s traditional architecture will take you from the mountain-enveloped wooden streets of Takayama to the mountain village of Shirakawago, where visitors can explore 250-year-old thatched roofed houses known as gassho-zukuri.

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