Bags / Shoes / Other Decorations Spots in Ishikawa Area

  • Cony's Eye
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Musashimachi 4-2
    This designer goods shop was opened in 1998 and moved into a renovated 75-year-old townhouse in 2008. The shop sells a wide selection of merchandise, including Hokuriku confections and handmade items, crafts from across Japan, stationary, apparel, designer decorations, everyday articles, tourism guides, and art. The shop also has a cafe and rental space.


  • Kaga Yuzen Fukuromonya Kiguraya
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Owaricho 2-6-30
    This venerable old bag shop has a history going back to 1579. The shop was established by a former merchant for the Bakufu government, and now designs, makes, and sells traditional Kaga Yuzen patterned Japanese cloth bags, hand-dyed original Keizo bags (Tennen Honshubukuro) and sundries.
  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Museum Shop
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Hirosaka 1-2-1
    The museum shop of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. The Museum Shop is operated as two spaces—Shop 1 and Shop 2—enclosed by curving fences. Shop 1 primarily sells original postcards, knickknacks, and books, picture collections, and items connected with current special exhibitions. Shop 1 also carries goods incorporating traditional Kanazawa crafts. Shop 2 is only opened for limited periods of time to host a variety of special, themed fairs.
  • Kanazawa Bikazari Asano
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Higashiyama 1-8-3
    A shop located in the “Higashi Chaya District” in Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa which sells traditional Ishikawa crafts as well as select, cute creations. The shop’s shelves are lined with items for everyday use crafted by local artisans, including Kutani ware porcelain, Kaga yuzen dyed goods, Kanazawa metal leaf goods, Kaga nui embroidered goods, and paulownia crafts. Offer a large variety of reasonably priced items, as well, Asano is a popular destination for those searching for souvenirs and presents as well. Reservation-only metal leafing classes are held on the second floor.
  • Kanazawa Katani
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Shimoshinchou 6-33
    A shop directly operated by a long-standing Kanazawa gold leaf manufacturer located in Shimoshin-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. In addition to selling gold leaf for culinary and beauty purposes, the shop also carries a wide selection of high class Japanese washi paper and other oil blotting papers. There’s a classroom space in the back where short classes on gold leafing are held (reservation only). Participants can try gold leafing and create their own unique serving plate, box, or bento box. Participants can choose from some 30 stencil designs, ensuring that even absolute beginners can create something pleasing.
  • Kyoka
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Higashiyama 1-24-6
    This selection store is located in Higashi Chaya District, Higashiyama, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has a variety of products for sale, including traditional crafts from Ishikawa Prefecture, and other traditional crafts selected from all across Japan. Its incense, lacquered chopsticks and hand towels are rich in variety, and there are a great deal of products sold here that represent Kanagawa. The cute snap lock purses with their original designs are popular as souvenirs. The elegant lattice door with its shop curtain appears at first glance to be the entrance to a classical small restaurant.
  • benlly's & job
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Shintatemachi 3-16
    This is a miscellaneous goods select shop located in Shintatemachi Town shopping district in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, handling a wide range of products of various genres, focusing on items that can be used easily every day. There are a large variety of miscellaneous goods from different countries and for varying tastes in the shop, from European antiques, fashion items and stationery, etc. The owner stocks the shop freely with items believed to be exceptional. Original handmade leather accessories are also popular.
  • Kimono Tatamisée
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Shintatemachi 3-95
    Kimono Tatamisée is a kimono boutique located in 3 Chome, Shintate Town, Kanazawa City. Based around the vision of making the kimono something that people can wear on an everyday basis, Kimono Tatamisée carries a wide range of different kimonos, from casual to formal, and including antique and renovated kimonos. The boutique also sells ornamental hairpins and other accessories for wearing with kimonos, along with dresses and handbags made from recycled kimonos.
  • Ryusei
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Nagamachi 1-3-9
    A select boutique shop housed in a renovated old samurai residence as befits the shops location situated among the many similar residences of the Nagamachi Samurai District. Among other items, the shop primarily stocks Kutani ware, a type of painted porcelain from Japan. In addition to colorful decorative plates, the shop also sells many items perfect for everyday use such as mamezara small serving plates and guinomi large sake cups, as well as things which make great souvenirs like charming ceramic pill boxes and chopstick rests. In addition to traditional patterns, the shop also creates items with new, modern-style patterns which easily fit into a modern decor, making it an easy decision to purchase some for your own home.
  • Ko-ya
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Musashimachi 10-1
    A shop which sells traditional Kanazawa incense and erosoku painted candles. In addition to popular scents like sandalwood and agarwood, the shop also sells a variety of original incense fragrances. In addition, you'll find elegant incenses decorated with another Kanazawa specialty product-gold leaf. The shop's handmade erosoku candles are decorated with colorful Kaga yuzen designs. In the shop's tatami room, you can play a round of kikiko, a traditional game played since the ancient Heian period in which players try to guess the fragrance of the incense being burned. The shop also holds short workshops in which you can make your own kaoribukuro fragrance bag by combining your favorite aromatic woods.
  • Sakamoto Shikki-ten (Wajima Kobo Nagaya Shop)
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Wajima-shi Kawaimachi 4-66-1
    Located inside the Wajima Kobo Nagaya on Waichi-dori Street, this is a showroom shop for a historic lacquerware studio established in the mid-Meiji period. The shop sells Wajima lacquerware furniture and cups, spoons, and other tableware made in the company's studio at low prices. The shop also sells original Hana Urushi line lacquered accessories, cell phone straps, and other small lacquerware articles. The selection includes modern accessories such as earrings and pendants. In addition, the shop offers a free service to inscribe your name on a lacquerware product. The shop is a convenient place to find your very own Wajima lacquerware item.
  • ABC-MART Raspa Hakusan
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Hakusan Kuramitsu 5-chome 14-banchi
  • ABC-MART Premier Stage Korinbo Tokyu Square
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Korinbo 2-chome 1-1 Korinbo Tokyu Square 2F
  • ABC-MART Charlotte byABC-MART Kanazawa Forus
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Tsutsumi Kawa Shinmachi 3-1 Kanazawa Forus 3F
  • ABC-MART Kanazawa Ekinishi
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Futatsuyamachi 10-22
  • ABC-MART Aeon Town Kanazawa Shimeno
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Toita Nishi 1-chome 155-banchi East Building
  • ABC-MART Kanazawa Forus
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Horikawashinmachi 3-1 Kanazawa Forus 5F
  • ABC-MART Apita Town Kanazawa Bay
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Muryoji 4-chome 61-1 Apita Town Kanazawa Bay B Building 1F
  • ABC-MART Across Plaza Nonoichi
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Nonoichi-shi Sanno 1-chome 144-banchi
  • ABC-MART Komatsu
    Style / Fashion
    Ishikawa Komatsu-shi Fukunomiyamachi 1-103

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Long, thin Ishikawa prefecture runs along the Sea of Japan up into Noto Peninsula. Highlights of the seaside towns lining the west coast include Kanazawa, often described as a "Little Kyoto" thanks to its old wooden tea houses and geisha culture as well as its picturesque Japanese garden, Kenroku-en.

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