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  • Karuno Zosen
    1 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Pref. Izushi Shuzenji 697-1
    This gallery in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the Shuzenji Hot Springs district. Visitors can view exhibits of the work of local crafters. It also offers items including handmade furniture, wooden tableware, and hand-dyed fabric products for sale. The gallery also regularly holds hands-on activities and other events that are attended by many tourists.


  • Shimoda Himachi
    Style / Fashion
    Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka prefecture 3-1174-7
    This is a gift shop operated from a storehouse which still has namako lattice walls from the Edo period. With the theme of Shimoda festivals, the owners, who are a local couple, sell various stylish hand-made Japanese goods using yukata cotton kimono material and traditional tenugui hand towels. All products are unique and include Hawaiian shirts and all kinds of accessories such as bags and make-up bags. The wooden tags and keyrings that can be laser-engraved with your name or favourite pattern are also popular.
  • Heart Rose
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shimada-shi Noda 1633-1
  • Shuzenji Sansho
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Izu-shi Shuzenji 937-2
    This shop is located about a 10-minute bus ride from Shuzenji Station on the Izuhakone Railway on the Izuhakone Bus to Shuzenji Onsen and about a five-minute walk from the last stop. It features a collection of works from craftspersons actively engaged in creative activities in the Izu region. The shop sells handmade pottery, glasswork, accessories, sundries, and more. In particular, it carries many works of the potter Hanaoka Yutaka and is his only distributor in the region. His works of Kohiki-style pottery, such as his Mentori Mug Cups (chamfering mug cups) and Kojiki Meshi-jawan(kohiki rice bowl), are especially popular. Each and every piece has a slightly different shape, adding to its charm. Sanshow, the shop's attached gallery, holds special exhibits by local artists.
  • Plaza Gotemba Premium Outlets Store
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Gotenba-shi Fukasawa 1312 Gotenba Premium Outlets
  • Matsuri Sumitaya
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Naka-ku Shinzucho 14-1
    This store specializing in festival goods is one of only a very few of its kind found across the entire country. Established in 1947, the store sells hanten winter coats, haragake aprons, happi coats, Oka-tabi split toe socks for wearing with setta leather-soled sandals, and other festival goods. Packed with products, customers rave that the establishment carries anything and everything festival-related. Backed by its stunning inventory, during the festival season it's not unusual for more than 5,000 customers to visit the store in a day. Each year the store provides made-to-order happi coats, tenugui hand towels, koikuchi shirts, and other festival goods to over 300 neighborhood associations, municipalities, educational institutions, and members of the mass media.
  • Museum Shop Andante
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Naka-ku Chuo 3-9-1
    This shop is located inside the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, a museum open to the general public which displays instruments gathered from around the world. Situated on the museum's first floor, the shop sells publications issued by the museum, music, and musical instrument-related original merchandise. The shop's musical instrument, keyboard, and musical notation-themed items are befitting of Hamamatsu, city of music. Products such as magnets, pin badges, and tenugui hand towels are perfect for everyday use. The shop's musical notation-themed paperweights, instrument-shaped cellphone straps, and spoons made from piano parts make delightful gifts.
  • CiaopanicOUTLET Gotenba
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Gotenba-shi Fukasawa 1312 Gotenba Premium Outlets EastZone 2130 section
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Gotenba-shi Fukasawa 1312 Gotenba Premium Outlets WestZone 850 section
  • Koike Yataro Store
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Ryutsu Center 16
  • ABC-MART Hamamatsu Irino
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Nishi-ku Irinocho
  • ABC-MART Shizuoka Parco
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Koyamachi 6-7 Shizuoka Palco 6F
  • ABC-MART Shinshizuoka Cenova
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Takajo 1-chome 1-1 Shinshizuoka Cenova 4F
  • ABC-MART RUN&WALK LaLaport Iwata
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Iwata-shi Takamigaoka 12002F
  • ABC-MART Apita Iwata
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Iwata-shi Imanoura 3-chome 1-ban 112F
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Yunoki 1026 MARKIS Shizuoka 2F
  • ABC-MART Hawkins Gotenba Premium Outlets
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Gotenba-shi Fukasawa 1312 Gotenba Premium Outlets 2615
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Aoi-ku Yunoki 1026 MARKIS Shizuoka 1F
  • ABC-MART Hamamatsu Plaza
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi Higashi-ku Kaminishicho 985-ban 1
  • ABC-MART Fujieda
    Style / Fashion
    Shizuoka Fujieda Kamiaojima 435-8

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With the giant Pacific Ocean to the south and the great Mount Fuji to the north, Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with some of the best views the country has to offer. The white sand beaches of the Izu Peninsula are a rare find on mainland Japan, neighbored by beautiful cliffs, tumbling hills, and natural hot springs. As Japan's largest producer of green tea, the age-old tradition of tea drinking is ubiquitous in Shizuoka, from the miles of tea fields to the old tea houses hosting traditional tea ceremonies.

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