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Liquor Store Spots in Izu Shichito Islands / Ogasawara Islands Area

  • Miyahara Inc.
    Tokyo Niijimamura Honson 1-1-5
    A company liquor store located just to the left of the Niijima Juumin Center on the east side of Niijima Island. The longstanding company which owns and operates the store was established in 1926, and here you can find a variety of shima-zake (island liquors) made in the company's own brewery. The company's most well-known brand is Shima Jiman, a series of liquors made with domestic barley; the Habushiura variety is particularly worthy of note and is an orthodox shochu with a refreshing flavor whose bottle bears a charming sky blue label. The shop also sells Nami no Ue no Tsuki, the only island liquor crafted in Tokyo which is made with koji malted rice.
  • Taniguchi Shuzo
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Nomashi Wada 167
    A brewery on a hill off the Oshima Loop Road. It's a seven-minute drive from Motomachi Port. The island's only brewery, they make original shochu Japanese spirits, including Gojinka, a genuine shochu variety. Brewed with Mozart playing in the background, the barley of the classic brand fills the mouth with its savory sweetness. Their premium Oyaji Goroshi barley shochu is rested for a full six years and is only available in the Taniguchi Shuzo Showroom. Quite a few tourists keep coming back in search of this one.
  • Taniguchi Liquor Store
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Sashikiji 3
  • Dikokuya
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Nomashi 6
  • Maruto Store
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Okata 2
  • Asahi Ya Store
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Motomachi 2-chome 2-4
  • Amano Liquor Store
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Motomachi 4-8-1
  • Liquor & Foods Sasaki
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Motomachi
  • Ofuji
    Tokyo Oshima town Sashikiji 4
  • Takabayashi Liquor Store
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Habuminato 4
  • Nakamura Store
    Tokyo Hachijojimahachijomachi Okago 1251
  • Oku Sei Store
    Tokyo Hachijojimahachijomachi Okago 2264
  • Okuyama Bedding supplier
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Hachijojimahachijomachi Okago 2264
  • Kanemo Sho
    Tokyo Niijima Motomura 1-5-6

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