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Pastries Spots in Ibaraki Area

  • La Cote d’Azurl Main Shop
    Ibaraki Pref. Tsukubashi Higashiarai 19-26
    "A cake shop located at the Takezono 1-Chome Nishi intersection south of Tsukuba Station, the last stop on the Tsukuba Express. The shop is notable for its abundant variety of sweets. The shop carries cakes and other baked sweets, crepes, puddings, souffles, gelato, and Japanese sweets like daifuku (rice cakes stuffed with bean jam). One of the shop's staples is its ""Hanjuku Cheese,"" small cakes made with French cream cheese and fresh milk from cows raised at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba. There are also many natural parks in the area such as Takezono Park, making the shop a great place to stop by for a snack while enjoying a nature walk. In addition, the shop has free parking and is perfect for making a quick stop while exploring the local sightseeing destinations."
  • Tenshi no Oyatsu
    4 Reviews
    Ibaraki Pref. Ushikushi Chuou 5-11-3
    "A Western confectionary shop fun for children and adults located a three-minute walk from Ushiku Station on the JR Joban Line. The shop is dedicated to being a place where a child can come by themselves to purchase sweets. White walled, with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, the shop is bright and airy, and its many colorful, attractive sweets fill its display cases. The shop's ""Meromero Kumacchi, limited to just 50 children a day, and its illustrated cookies available in a variety of designs are particularly popular. The shop also offers an abundant array of other choice sweets like tarts made with domestically grown strawberries and ""Queen"" decorated cakes perfect for a special day."

    A good taste, 「kasama」mont blanc. 今が旬の「笠間栗」モンブラン。 濃厚な素材そのままの味。 なかにもコロコロと栗がいます。 「茨城栗」モンブランはクリーム味。 ほかにも栗タルト、秋のケーキ、栗ムース が気になりました。

    Ibaraki Kasama-shi Shimoichige 285
    A Western sweet shop in front of Kasama Station in Shimoichige, Kasama City. They make Western-style Kasama confectionery with local ingredients, including the area's famous chestnuts. Besides their chestnut-packed Kasama Hagi-no-Hime pound cake, they also sell Gokoku Roll Cake and Kasama-no-Kuri Hiroi roll cake. There's also a cafe area on-site.
  • Mori no Chevrekan
    4 Reviews
    Ibaraki Pref. Mitoshi Matagumachou 1454 Mito City Forest Park
    Mori no Chevrekan is a homemade cheese studio and makes goat cheese and cow cheese by hand. In the studio, you can enjoy an assorted platter with four types of homemade cheese (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only), limited seasonal cheese sandwiches and cheese pizza as well as sweets. A no-bake cheese tart using fromage soufflé and soft serve ice cream with goat’s milk from summer to fall are popular.

    ソフトクリームやチーズが売っています 6月?になると放牧されいるヤギの乳でつくったチーズが販売されるらしいです。 カチョカバッロを購入したのですが、お味はいまいち・・・ (まぁ国産ので美味しかったためしが無いのですが)

  • Pâtissier française ARLES
    Ibaraki Tsukuba-shi Sakura 3-1-8
    This western-style confectionery store is located along Prefectural Route 128, in 3-chome, Sakura, Tsukuba City. It sells 9 regular Macaron Parisian, which are made with the very popular almonds produced in the Italian island of Sicily, as well as amonthly-alternating special macaron. In addition to macarons, the store sells cakes, baked sweets, chocolate and other confections, and also accepts orders for custom-made cakes with designs such as character drawings (orders must be made at least 2 weeks in advance).
  • Tea & Sweets Hanamizuki
    Ibaraki Tsukuba-shi Ninomiya 4-14-4
    This specialty tea store is located in 4-chome, Ninomiya, Tsukuba City. In addition to customers being able to smell the fragrances and choose from a variety of teas including classic tea and flavored teas, the store also sells Baumkuchen, which are handmade in the store's own kitchen. The second floor of the store is a British-style salon, where customers can taste all of the different teas sold by the store from a teapot, along with sweets such as Baumkuchen.
  • Saint Amour Confectionery Store
    20 Reviews
    Ibaraki Moriya-shi Kubogaoka 2-17-1
    This patisserie is located in 2-chome, Kubogaoka, Moriya City. It sells a variety of western-style confectionery, such as tenshi no tamago, which is a popular Madeleine, baked with fresh eggs and fermented butter, as well as various baked and soft-baked confectionery, over 30 types of petite gateau and whole cakes. Customers can enjoy freshly baked pies and Baumkuchen, and there is also a cafe space with free drinks.


  • Maple
    Ibaraki Moriya-shi Matsumaedai 1-16-4
    This patisserie is located in 1-chome, Matsumaedai, Moriya City. It sells a variety of baked goods, such as homemade cakes, carefully designed using seasonal fruits with a base of sponge, fresh cream and custard cream. The store's most popular products include Morimori Cheese, which is a bite-size cheese cake, and Leaf Pie, which is a crispy baked confection made with several layers of pie.
  • Pâtisserie Aoi
    Ibaraki Moriya-shi Misono 2-16-11
    This patisserie is located in 2-chome, Misono, Moriya City. It creates and sells cakes and baked confectionery made from carefully selected ingredients, such as seasonal fruit sourced from producers from all over Japan. The stores most popular item is its roll cake, which is made with fruits that change according to the season.
  • Suganami Fujiya (Omitama Ogawa Shop and Cigogne Bakery)
    Ibaraki Omitama-shi Nakanobe 556-1
    A Western confectionery shop on Prefectural Route 59 in Nakanobe, Omitama City. In addition to manufacturing and selling cakes, pastries, and roll cakes made with milk and eggs from Omitama, the store also has a bread shop and cafe. Their Omitama custard made with locally produced non-homogenized milk and free-range eggs is also popular.
  • Leblanc
    7 Reviews
    Ibaraki Mito-shi Senbacho 370
    This patisserie is located along Osaen-dori, in Senba-cho, Mito City. The store's products are made using only natural ingredients, such as home-milled nuts, which are all carefully selected. It also sells cakes made with seasonal fruits, 11 types of macarons, baked sweets and chocolates. The store also has a tea room with terrace seating where customers can enjoy their food and drink in the company of their pets.

    某番組で紹介された栗のケーキが食べたくて訪れたましたが、考えることはみな同じ。午後に伺ったのですが、ケーキはほとんど売り切れ。お目当ての栗のケーキはもちろんなし。そしてサロンデテはしばらくお休みだそう。残念でした。仕方がないので、残っていた焼き菓子を買って帰りました。 それは、美味しかったです。今度は、電話をして確認、予約してから行こうと思います。

  • Cafe Patisserie Miloro
    1 Reviews
    Ibaraki Mito-shi Chuo 1-8-8
    A Western sweet shop in Chuo1-Chome, Mito City. They make and sell cakes, pies, pastries, etc. while taking great care with the flavors of the ingredients. Their popular Nama Pie features plenty of cream in a crispy crust. The cafe has a cake buffet available with a reservation.


  • Grand Vase
    Ibaraki Hitachi-shi Omikacho 1-6-7
    This patisserie is located in front of Omika Station, in 1-chome, Omika-cho, Hitachi City. It sells western-style confectionery made with locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as sweets that are a combination of western and Japanese ingredients, such as shochu cake and miso rusk. The Hitachi Daientotsu, a financier shaped like a chimney, has five different flavors for customers to enjoy, such as Hitachi City's flower, the cherry blossom, the famous Momiya pumpkin, and Nihonshu.
  • Gateaux Puglia
    Ibaraki Pref. Tsukubashi Mizubori 587-54
  • Tetotekafuedainingu
    Ibaraki Pref. Tsukubashi Sakura 2-1-7 Grampus Tsukuba 102
  • FLO PRESTIGE Mito Excel
    Ibaraki Mito-shi Miyamachi 1-chome 1-1 Mito Excel Motodate 1F
  • FLO PRESTIGE Mito Keisei
    Ibaraki Mito-shi Izumicho 1-chome 6-1 Mito Keisei Department Store B1F
  • FLO PRESTIGE Toride Boxhill
    Ibaraki Toride-shi Chuocho 2-5 Boxhill Toride 1F
  • FLO PRESTIGE Katsuta Retail Net
    Ibaraki Hitachinaka-shi Katsuta Chuo 1-1 JR Katsuta Sta. Konai Kaisatsu F
  • FLO PRESTIGE Mito Uchihara AEON
    Ibaraki Mito-shi Uchihara 2-chome 1 AEON MALL Mito Uchihara 1F

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Just a stone’s throw from Tokyo, Ibaraki is a coastal prefecture that has mastered juxtapositions, where old shrines meet new scientific discoveries and traditional gardens are frequented by the inventors of some of the newest technology. Head to Mito City's Kairakuenーone of Japan's Three Great Gardensーin spring to experience the cellestial blooming of fantastic cherry blossoms at the annual sakura festival.

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