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Yunishigawa Onsen (Tochigi)



28. January. 2019

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An ancient hot spring district which, according to legend, was discovered by a fleeing Taira clan soldier after the defeat at the Battle of Dan-no-ura and used by him to heal his wounds. The area derives its name from the Yunishigawa River, a part of the Tone River class A river system. Many old Japanese homes and traditional ryokan inns stand eave to eave here, and locations such as the Heikezuka Taira clan burial ground; Heike no Sato, a facility which recreates the lifestyle once enjoyed by the Taira clan; and the Heike Ochiudo Minzoku Shiryokan, a museum dedicated to the defeated clan; convey the area's long history. From the area's large public baths, reservable private baths, outdoor baths, and riverbed baths, constantly replenished from source springs kakenagashi style, visitors can take in the stunning rural beauty found here. The famous Kamakura Festival is held here from late January through mid-March, and during this time the flood plain is decorated with some 1,200 miniature snow huts turned lanterns, creating magical scenery for visitors to enjoy.

No.15 Yunishigawa Onsen (Tochigi)


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