Suigei Tei 酔鯨亭 Suigei Tei 酔鯨亭

Suigei Tei 酔鯨亭



Suigei Tei 酔鯨亭

Foodie or not, a night out in Kochi City should start out with a local treat. In this coastal city that means treating yourself to Katsuo-no-tataki, a version of bonito or skipjack tuna grilled over flames and served seared on the outside but raw on the inside. One of the best local restaurants serving this delicacy is Suigei Tei. The vibe here is very traditional and cozy, and although you might be intimidated by the Japanese signs on the wall, there is an English menu available and some of the staff are more than happy to try out their English skills to help you order the right dish.