B-grade Gourmet Spots in Shimane Area

  • Egaki Kamaboko Store
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Shimane Hamada Asahimachi 1426-4
    This venerable kamaboko fish cake shop was founded in 1912. They serve the Hamada iconic food Akaten in a charming shop full of history. Akaten is marked by its red color, and is made from ground fish like pollock flavored with chili peppers and then fried. Fried up in a bread crumb coating, its spiciness makes it the perfect dish with rice, and a fantastic snack with alcohol. In addition to being featured in all kinds of news media, the dish received the flavor stamp of approval of famed French chef Kiyomi Mikuni and was selected for his Mikuni Marche line.

Shimane Areas


What Shimane prefecture lacks in size and population, it makes up for in scenery and ancient mythology. Izumo-taisha, in the middle of the prefecture, is said to be Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine, where stories that delve into the creation of the Japanese race have been passed down over centuries. The 180 Oki Islands, a 40-minute ferry ride north of Sakaiminato, offer an undiscovered paradise well off the beaten track.

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