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Traveling in Toyama

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  • Kurobe Dam
    Other Sightseeing Spot
    Toyama Pref. Nakanikawaguntateyamamachi Ashikuraji
  • Murakamike House
    Historical Monument
    Toyama Pref. Nantoshi Kaminashi 725
  • Zuiryu-ji Temple
    Toyama Pref. Takaokashi Sekihonmachi 35
  • Takaoka Daibutsu (Takaoka Great Buddha)
    341 Reviews
    Other Historic Site/Building
    Toyama Pref. Takaokashi Otemachi 11-29

    Metal workers of TAKAOKA-city had made this huge Buddha! When you arrive, you can see this huge one and feel like you are now in the world of Buddha and maybe listen the word of “Worldly...

  • Chokei-ji Temple
    12 Reviews
    Toyama Pref. Toyamashi Gosou 1882

    This is one of my favorite places to visit in Toyama. Its the picturesque home of more than 500 unique Buddha statues. Theres a Japanese tea house near the entrance that I would also strongly...

Toyama Main Areas


Toyama is one of the three prefectures that house the Japanese Alps, with its southern and eastern borders comprising one long stretch of mountains, out of which the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is forged. While traditional crafts fill the northern coastal cities of Toyama and Takaoka, thatched roof houses offer unrivalled views against a backdrop of fantastic scenery at Gokayama in the mountainous area in the south of the prefecture.

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