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Experience Kamiichi in Toyama Prefecture



8. July. 2019

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Sandwiched between the Hida Mountains and the Sea of Japan, the town of Kamiichi, which is just fifteen kilometers from Toyama city, is surrounded by beautiful scenery and rich in culture. The melting snow from Japan’s North Alps feed the many rivers that run into the town, which is also home to an abundance of neatly farmed rows of rice paddies, that look spectacular against the rugged snow-peaked mountainous backdrop.

Kamiichi is home to various hiking trails, including the infamous Mt. Tsurugi-dake and a variety of interesting hands-on experiences, that will allow you to sample a good mix of local culture and breathtaking scenery.

A typical scene from a day exploring Kamiichi


  • Oiwasan Nissekiji Temple
  • The House of the Wolf Children
  • Sacred Waters to Heal One’s spirit and Quench One’s Thirst
  • A Base for your Explorations around Kamiichi
  • A Peak Fit for a Buddhist Monk

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