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30 of the Best Things to Do in Kanazawa



10. May. 2019

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Kanazawa is an elegant and artistic city filled with cultural heritage and this guide will give you insider tips for getting around and getting the most out of your trip. Because it’s not just about what you see but how you experience all Kanazawa has to offer. Here’s a rundown of the 30 best things to do while you’re in town.Get the camera out and set off down the city’s pretty, historical streets to explore one of the most photogenic cities of Japan.

30 of the Best Things to Do in Kanazawa


  • What to Do around Kanazawa Station
  • 1. Get around with a bus card or bike share
  • 2. Take in the beauty of Kanazawa Station
  • 3. Raining? Head to the Kanazawa Tourism Center
  • 4. Complement your trip with a Rental Kimono
  • What to do in Omicho Market
  • 5. Enjoy some quality sushi in Omicho Market
  • 6. Walk and Eat in Omicho Market
  • What to do in the Higashi Chaya District
  • 7. Sample the Teahouse Culture
  • 8. Discover the “Golden City”
  • What to do in Owari-cho
  • 9. Appreciate the minimalist design of Sori Yanagi
  • 10. Bar hop in Katamachi
  • What to do in the Kazue-machi Chaya District
  • 11. Stroll around town
  • 12. Spend a night at HATCHi Hostel
  • What to do in Kenroku-en
  • 13. Enjoy the seasonal changes of Kenroku-en
  • 14. Admire the blue roof tiles of the Seisonkaku Villa
  • 15. Walk through the Kanazawa Castle Park
  • 16. Take in the scenery at the Gyokusen’inmaru Garden
  • 17. Experience the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
  • 18. Soak up the Zen at the D.T. Suzuki Museum
  • 19. Witness the harmony of a shrine with stained glass windows
  • 20. Tie a love fortune at Ishiura Shrine (石浦神社)
  • 21. Go Ninja at Myouryuji Temple (妙立寺)
  • 22. Slip back into the Edo period at the Nagamachi Samurai District
  • 23. Go shopping on Seseragi Street
  • What to do in other districts of Kanazawa
  • 24. Make a gold leaf souvenir at Imai Kinpaku in Hirosaka
  • 25. Have a picture-perfect parfait at DORUMIRU in Tatemachi
  • 26. Enter the mysterious gallery of HIMITO in Nakakawayoke-machi
  • 27. Eat a sweet treat in the Nishi Chaya District
  • 28. Treasure hunt at Kutani Kosen Kiln (九谷光仙窯)
  • 29. Discover an alabaster world at the Kanazawa Umimirai Library (金沢海みらい図書館)
  • 30. Take a day trip to Toyama (富山)

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