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Tourist Ranch / Farm Spots in Mie Area

  • Shorenjiko Tourist Village
    5 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Nabarishi Shourenji 976
    Shorenjiko Tourist Village is a vineyard in Shorenji in the city of Nabari, Mie Prefecture. No reservation is required to come and pick grapes, and visitors may eat as many grapes as they want with no time limit. People who use wheelchairs are welcome, and the vineyard even has barrier-free toilets. Visitors are free to bring food and beverages and spend the whole day relaxing on the grounds. Even when grapes are not in season, visitors can pick strawberries all year round and eat their fill.

    You can eat as many sweet and juicy strawberries! Strawberries are In season during January to May.

  • Yokkaichi Fureai Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Yokkaichishi Suizawachou 1538
    Yokkaichi Fureai Bokujo is located in the foothills of Mt. Gozaisho on the edge of the Suzuka Mountains. Visitors enjoy the experience of interacting with animals, feeding them, milking them, and making butter. Milking and butter-making experiences are available by reservation except from December through March, but visitors are welcome to feed the animals throughout the year. In the Small Animal Area, visitors can interact directly with goats, sheep, and miniature pigs, and if the dairy staff is not too busy, there are special events during which visitors can interact with guinea pigs. The store on the premises sells fresh milk, yogurt, and ice cream of the highest quality.
  • Nagashima Farm
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Kuwana-shi Nagashimacho Matsukage

    師走に入って、クリスマスに近い日曜日に「苺狩り」が始まったとの事で予約して伺いました。大人40分、食べ放題2,100円、小学生1,800円、幼児1,300円一寸高い気もしますが、まあコンなもんでしょう。 何棟も連なったビニールハウス、今日はB棟との事、まんべんなく採る様に日ごとにビニールハウスを替えているみたい。 ハウスに入ってみたら、ま-広い事。知らないグループが鉢合わせにならない様に、苺の植え...

  • Hitsujimikambokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Minamimurogunmihamachou Shiwara 889
  • TomiBerry Ichigo Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Iga-shi Ida 1367-1
  • Suzuka Blueberry Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Suzuka-shi Ogisucho
  • Shiroyama Kleingarten
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Tsu-shi Misugicho Taro 1878-2
  • Hasegawa Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Mie-gun Komonocho Taguchi 818-18
  • Tado Sono
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Kuwana-shi Tadocho Tado 1189-2
  • Nishio Fruit Ai Land
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Tsu-shi Hisaikononbecho 1292
  • Watanabe Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Suzuka-shi Oiwakecho 2208-13
  • Yamagishi Toyosato Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Tsu-shi Takanoochou 5010
  • Yamagishism Kasugayamajituarawachi
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Igashi Kawahigashi 555
  • Nojikumiaihojinozakichikusanmihama farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Minamimurogunkihouchou Ida 2180-6

Mie Areas


Spread across the eastern side of the Kii Peninsula, Mie prefecture boasts hundreds of kilometers of pretty coastline comprising the oyster-rich Toba city and Shima National Park all the way down to Kumano, a city that marks the beginning of part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, which runs into neighboring Wakayama prefecture. However, Mie is best known for the Ise Jingu Shinto shrine inland, one of the oldest and largest shrines in the country.

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