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Kurokawa Onsen (黒川温泉)

Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

A hot spring district surrounded by lush greenery sprawling amid mountains with commanding views of Mt. Aso and the Kuju Mountains. The area has gained prominence for its novel town renewal initiative which treats the entire hot spring district like a single ryokan inn-for example, Kurokawa Onsen sells a pass which allows access to every hot spring bath facility in the district called the Nyuto Tegata. There are several different source springs in the area with differing compositions, and visitors can enjoy bathing in hot spring waters with different qualities in different bathhouses. Another attraction of the area is the many ways in which you can enjoy hot spring waters here-in addition to indoor and outdoor baths, there are face baths which you can use to steep your face in steam rich in hot spring minerals, facilities where you can get healthy hot spring water for drinking, footbaths, and more.


Kumamoto Aso-gun Minamiogunimachi Manganji Kurokawa (Aso / KurokawaArea)

phone 0967440076

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Kumamoto Aso-gun Minamiogunimachi Manganji Kurokawa [map]
Aso / KurokawaArea
Water type
simple spring(mildly acidic), simple spring(mildly alkaline), sulfur springs, hydrogen carbonate springs, chloride spring, sulfate spring, chalybeate springs, acidic springs
Temperature of spring
nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, aid recovery from fatigue, frozen shoulders, sensitivity to cold, Bruises, chronic digestive diseases, high blood pressure, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, Diabetes, Liver disease, Hemorrhoids, chronic women's diseases, skin beautifying propertiesetc
Number of source springs
Amount of water flow
Number of public baths
Number of day trip bathhouses

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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          Kumamoto lies in the center of Kyushu, a calm prefecture perfect for easy strolls around the historic center and lazy evenings in the natural hot springs at Kurokawa Onsen. For a slightly more strenuous activity, head to Mount Aso, whose surrounding hills offer hiking opportunities aplenty with views over the active volcano.