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Onsen Hopping in Kyushu



6. March. 2019

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With its dense population of bubbling volcanic sources, Japan is arguably one of the major hot spring destinations of the world and is said to have more hot springs than any other country, with a large percentage of them in Kyushu. From the hot spring sands of Ibusuki to the hidden local bathing towns of Yufuin, there’s a seemingly endless supply of hot spring water pumping through this less traveled Island, and here are just a handful of our favorites.

Onsen Hopping in Kyushu


  • Tsuetate Onsen Town, Kumamoto
  • Beppu Area, Oita
  • Yufuin, Oita
  • Hinagu Onsen Town
  • Kurokawa Onsen, Minamioguni, Kumamoto
  • Kumamoto Ibusuki Sand Bath

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