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Kenninji Temple (建仁寺)

A Rinzai Sect Buddhist temple located in Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto. Erected thanks to funds donated by the Shogun Minamoto no Yoriie in 1202, the temple was founded by the priest Eisai and was modeled after Song China’s holy Mt. Bozhang. The temple is famous for its Image of Raijin and Fujin, a National Treasure created by famed painter Tawaraya Sotatsu, as well as its numerous other sliding screen paintings and treasures designated Important Cultural Properties. The temple is also well known for the beauty of its Japanese gardens, including a dry landscape garden containing a delicate arrangement of white sand, moss, and boulders. The imperial envoy gate contains arrow marks and is built with a gabled roof. The abbot’s chamber, moved here from the Ankoku-ji Temple in old Aki Province, and the Image of Paired Dragons, 108 tatami mats in size and painted on ceiling of the lecture hall in 2002, are both must-sees.


Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Yamato Daicho Route Shijo Shimo Le Komatsu Town (Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea)

phone 0755616363

10:00-16:30 (Gates shut is 17:00)

Review of Kennin-ji Temple

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/08/09 Karesansui gate and Twin Dragon ceiling
This temple, supposed to be one of the oldest in Kyoto, turned out to be more than I expected. It has a beautiful karesansui garden with a gate on background and a famous hall with quite recently...
Reviewed:2020/03/22 Wonderful temple
We couldnt visit it properly, it was already closed, and we only walked around the temple, not being able to get inside. It was sunset.. nice.. great for photography
Reviewed:2020/02/28 A quick worthwhile visit
I don’t know why more people weren’t here, it’s in the heart of Gion/Higashiyama tourist area yet was so quiet and peaceful (a good thing really for a zen temple). It’s not a large complex so can be...

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Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Yamato Daicho Route Shijo Shimo Le Komatsu Town [map]
Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea
10:00-16:30 (Gates shut is 17:00)
4/19/4/20, 6/4/6/5, Others There is a suspension Sunday due to the memorial service
[Admission fee] [Adult] 600yen [Junior and senior high school students] 300yen [Elementary school students] 200yen [less than Elementary school students] Free
Parking Lot
Available (39spaces) * Fee (30 minutes 250yen)
Credit Card
Not available
Not available
Available (some areas only)
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
Available (Pamphlet only)
Halal certified
Not available
* Hours and holidays may change depending on the status of new coronavirus infection.
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Yes (indoor)
Average budget
[Lunch] 1-1,000yen
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Yes (Since there is a step, please lift it with an assistant to enter, tatami is not possible)
Infant friendly
Pet friendly
Not available

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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