Household Goods / Daily Necessities Spots in Mie Area

  • ichishina Naiku-mae Branch
    Mie Pref. Iseshi Ujimazaikechou 18
    This small general store is in Oharai Town near Naiku, Ise-jingu Shrine in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. You’ll find traditional Ise cotton and goods that use various Ise motifs, with many original items featuring simple designs you’ll never tire of. From “Banko ware” (unglazed porcelain) to highly absorbent and quick-drying Ise cotton handkerchiefs, and masking tapes with Ise spiny lobsters or torii gate designs, these Ise-themed items make fashionable souvenirs.
  • Used Bookshop Poran
    1 Reviews
    Mie Pref. Iseshi Kawasaki 2-13-18
    This old bookstore is in Kawasaki of Ise City, Mie Prefecture, an area with many old-fashioned homes and warehouses. It was renovated from a traditional house over 200 years old. The cute cats roam about the shop, which is packed with old books hand-selected by the owner. There’s everything from local history books to shinto-specialized books. You can also find paperbacks, art books, comics, picture books, records, and works from a number of genres. You may even discover a rare text that is hard to find nowadays.


  • Iseji Saien
    Mie Pref. Iseshi Ujinakanokirichou 150-6
    This gardening store whose focus is on seasonal flowers, Japanese flowers and tea blossoms is located west of Okage Yokocho, a one-minute walk from the JinguKaikan-maebus stop, approximately 20 minutes by bus from either Ujiyamada Station or Iseshi Station. Japanese flowers bloom all year round in this 330-square-meter gardening store, which displays the beauty of classical plants for all to see with plants such as the three classical flowers of Ise - Ise chrysanthemum, Ise fringed pinks and Ise iris, which came to be cultivated thanks to the horticultural culture that began in the Edo period. The store also holds experience classes each season, such as painting Manekineko and Ise's traditional Yo-Yo toys, and Yoseue group planting classes.
  • Kholomo Ise Momen Usui Shokufu
    Mie Pref. Iseshi Honmachi 6-4 Shaleosaki 1F
    This shop handles goods made from Ise cotton. Traditional cotton products in Ise have been made since the Edo period (1603-1868). Currently, only Usui Shokufu is producing it. Soft and difficult to wrinkle, it has excellent breathability and moisture retention. At this shop, they produce and sell products perfect as souvenirs or everyday use such as pouches, bags, sacoche saddlebags and hand towels that are made using Ise cotton woven with soft hues.
  • Gallery Shirochidori
    Mie Ise-shi Fukiage 1-4-7 Adachi Building 1F
    This art and miscellaneous goods shop is located on a side street of the approach to the outer shrine, and is approximately a two-minute walk from JR Iseshi Station. They sell everyday items including bags and letter sets using Ise Japanese paper that is also used for charms at Ise Jingu Shrine, and Japanese accessories that go with kimono such as fans and hand towels. It has many products with standout colors, and the interior leaves a gorgeous impression. In addition, the storefront gallery introduces original works by creators and designers active in Ise City. You can easily get your hands on glasswork, jewelry or other small pieces of art to color your life.
  • Domi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Mie Iga-shi Ueno Marunouchi 117 Uenokoen Uchi
    This Iga ware shop is located in Ueno Park, a bustling center of tourism in Iga City's Ueno district. Since it opened in 1958, the shop has continued to display and sell tea utensils, flower vases, jars, and other traditional Iga ware pieces. The shop's products, created by local husband and wife potters Akira and Akemi Tanimoto, fit the hand nicely and customers rave their wares can not only be used in the tea ceremony but also blend in perfectly when used as everyday tableware. The shop has a modern atmosphere and also holds seasonal donabe earthenware pot exhibition and special exhibition sales.
  • Kameyama Candle House Kameyama Store
    Mie Kameyama-shi Nomura 4-1-10
    This candle store stands on National Route 565 in 4-Chome Nomura, Kameyama City. The store is owned and operated by Kameyama, a company which makes tea lights and other candles and which boasts the top candle market share in the country. The store sells the company's own high-quality candles, products from international candle companies, and Enkinddle LED candles which use no flame.
  • MEGA Don Quijote UNY Hoshikawa
    Mie Kuwana-shi
  • Super Viva Home Nabari
    Mie Nabari-shi Sekoguchi 350 Nabari Garden Plaza
  • MEGA Don Quijote Yokkaichi
    Mie Yokkaichi-shi Nishihinocho 1608-1
  • Cainz Home Kuwana
    Mie Kuwana-shi Onakashinden 220
  • Super Viva Home Tsu Shiratsuka
    Mie Tsu-shi Shiratsukacho Kamata 3686
  • Super Viva Home Suzuka
    Mie Suzuka-shi Sumiyoshicho 8910
  • Don Quijote Suzuka
    Mie Suzuka-shi Isoyama 4-6-18
  • MEGA Don Quijote UNY Suzuka
    Mie Suzuka-shi Minamitamagakicho 3628-ban
  • Matsumotokiyoshi OUTLET Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz dream Nagashima
    Mie Kuwana-shi Nagashimacho Urayasu 368
  • Cainz Home Mie Kawagoe Interchange
    Mie Mie-gun Kawagoecho Kitafukusaki 175
  • Ra‧Mu-Yokkaichi
    Mie Yokkaichi-shi Fujicho 8-ban 25-go
  • HomeCenterValor Mega store Hisai Interchange
    Mie Tsu-shi Hekicho 7869-1
  • Cainz Home Yokkaichi
    Mie Yokkaichi-shi Fujicho 8-ban 15-go

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Spread across the eastern side of the Kii Peninsula, Mie prefecture boasts hundreds of kilometers of pretty coastline comprising the oyster-rich Toba city and Shima National Park all the way down to Kumano, a city that marks the beginning of part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, which runs into neighboring Wakayama prefecture. However, Mie is best known for the Ise Jingu Shinto shrine inland, one of the oldest and largest shrines in the country.

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