Household Goods / Daily Necessities Spots in Fukuoka Area

  • Kurumian
    Fukuoka Pref. Itoshimashi Shimakuga 2129-1
    An interior design shop and boutique located in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Operating out of a detached house standing in the middle of the woods, the shop sells organic cotton clothing and other high-quality lifestyle goods designed to take the everyday to the next level. The shop primarily carries knickknacks from around the country personally selected by the owner. There's also an art space in which works of calligraphy created by the owner, who has worked at the art form since childhood, are displayed.
  • Franc franc BAZAR
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashinishiku Odo 2-13-16 Marinoa City Fukuoka Pier Walk Outlet 2 Building 1F
    An import knickknack and lifestyle goods shop located in Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City. At the shop, which is located in Marinoa City Fukuoka's outlet building, customers can purchase all manner of everyday life goods at outlet prices. The shop's expansive selection of functional and attractively designed products includes furniture, tableware, bath and beauty products, fashionable knickknacks, and more.
  • Handmade soap making studio ka-la-ku
    Fukuoka Pref. Itoshimashi Shimakeya 3728-6
    This small soap workshop is on the coast of Itoshima Peninsula in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The female proprietor moved here from the city and sells handmade soaps with no additives. The shop is filled with the scent of essential oils, and there are several bars of soap featuring cute shapes made from olive oil and other natural ingredients. Cosmetics, organic cotton, fragrances, and other products are available as well, and they’re popular both for home use and as gifts. This shop is a hit with female customers and couples, and people visit from both near and far.
  • Fukuoka Lifestyle Shop
    Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashichuouku Imaizumi 1-3-23 Cellar Imaizumi 3F
    A shop located which specializes in selling and also making fashionable, cute, and easy-to-use lifestyle goods, with a focus on Kyushu and Fukuoka. From kitchen goods and tableware to liquors, books, and stationary, the shop carries a wide selection. Be sure to stop by this treasure box-like shop. A five-minute walk from Yakuin Station on the Nanakuma Line (Fukuoka City Subway).
  • FABRIC'S Marinoa City Shop
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Nishi-ku Odo 2-13-16 Marinoa City Fukuoka Outlet 2 Building 2F
    An interior design shop within the Marinoa City Fukuoka outlet mall along Marina-dori Street. They offer fabric-based items centered around the theme of Changing Your Living Space made with original print fabrics made by designers from around the globe including Northern Europe. They offer a diverse line of products including futon and cushion covers made from popular linens as well as place mats, apparel, and other goods.
  • tenir
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Imaizumi 2-1-3
    An interior design shop located along Imaizumi Yakuin-dori Street. The shop is located within a renovated kominka (old house) and sports the image of a small shop tucked away down a Parisian back alley. They offer European antique interior goods including furniture, tableware, and more.
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Akasaka 2-1-12
    A bookstore located along Kokutai-doro Street in Akasaka 2-Chome, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City. It's a smaller shop, just 43 square meters, and faces out on Keyaki-dori Street. They offer a variety of publications including magazines, novels, and more. The shop features a charming interior design with wood panel flooring and incandescent lamps. They also sell original cookies in collaboration with nearby bakery La Cle.
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Tenjin 1-1-1 Across Fukuoka Building 1F
    A stationery store located within the complex facility Acros Fukuoka in Tenjin 1-Chome. They offer a variety of letter writing goods including letter sets, postcards, glass pens, sealing stamps, and more.
  • IKEA Fukuoka Shingu
    Fukuoka Kasuya-gun Shingumachi Chuo Ekimae 2-9-1
  • Don Quijote Fukuoka Tenjin Main Store
    4 Reviews
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Imaizumi 1-chome 20-17


  • Don Quijote Nakasu
    7 Reviews
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Hakata-ku Nakasu 3-7-24

    This store is filled with many items and most of them are discounted. I bought so many products with cheap price and got tax free. Will go there again next time

  • Nitori Marinoa City Fukuoka
    Fukuoka Fukuoka Nishi Odo 2Chome12-30 Marinoa City Fukuoka 2F
  • Handsman Onojo
    Fukuoka Onojo-shi Minami Ori 1-chome 5-1
  • MEGA Don Quijote Fukuoka Fukushige
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Nishi-ku Jurokucho 1-chome 7-ban 1-go
  • Don Quijote Kokura
    Fukuoka Kitakyushu-shi Kokurakita-ku Nakatsu Exit 2-2-16
  • Don Quijote Rakuichi Kaido Hakozaki
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Higashi-ku Hakozaki 5-1-8
  • Roppommatsu Tsutaya Books
    Fukuoka Fukuoka Chuo Roppommatsu 4 Chome 2 Ban 1 Roppommatsu 421 2 F
  • GUNDAM SIDEF-LaLaport Fukuoka
    Fukuoka Fukuoka-shi Hakata-ku Naka 6-23-1 LaLaport Fukuoka Mall Building 4F
  • Cainz Nogata
    Fukuoka Nogata-shi Shimozakai 855-1
  • MEGA Don Quijote Chikushino Interchange
    Fukuoka Chikushino-shi Musashi 3-4-1

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The most northerly of Kyushu island’s prefectures, Fukuoka comprises castle towns, seaside parks, and Hakata ramen, one of Japan’s most famous noodle dishes. Whether due to its good location or its unique charm, the prefecture’s capital, Fukuoka city, has been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the country - a close-knit community, a thriving food scene, and accessible nature combine for irresistibly laid-back city vibes.

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