Workshop Spots in Tochigi Area

  • Nasu Kogen Beer
    9 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Nasu-gun Nasumachi Takakuko 3986
    This craft brewery was opened in 1996. The brewery creates only natural, authentic draft beer containing an abundance of beer yeast and polyphenol. There's also a restaurant serving dishes which go great with beer, and there are lunch and party plans available. Note that the lunch and party plans must be reserved at least one week in advance; lunch plans can be made for groups of two people or more, and party plans for groups of four or more.

    皇太子さまがお好きな銘柄?愛というビールをいただきました。美味しいです。地ビールって独特な味のものが多いですが 飲みやすく美味しかったです。

  • Higeta Indigo Dyeing Studio
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Haga-gun Mashikomachi Jonaizaka 1
    "An indigo dyeing shop that has been in business since the late 1700s. Traditional indigo and vegetable dyeing techniques are said to have once accounted for 80% of the clothing worn by the public. Here those techniques have been handed down to the present day. Popularly known as ""Japan Blue,"" indigo and its traditional dyeing methods are highly regarded around the world. The 200-year-old thatched house epitomizes Mashiko's townscape, and the 72 indigo vats arrayed inside are a sight to see. Both the building and the vats are registered as prefectural Tangible Cultural Properties."

    お盆休み中だったので、実作業は見られませんでしたが、作業場を見させてもらえます。 次回は作業をしている様子を見にいきたいです。

  • Ginneko Glass
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Pref. Nasugunnasumachi Yumoto 723-15
    At this glass studio in Nasu County, Tochigi Prefecture you can try your own glass blowing experience with prior reservation. They can make a variety of glass works using sand casts including baby feet prints, hand prints, and pet paw prints. Lots of tourists visit to make mementos of their trip.
  • Yamakoshiki Work
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Fujihara 1269

Tochigi Areas


Most visits to Tochigi revolve around Nikko, a small city home to the spectacular, lavishly decorated Toshogu Shrine and Nikko National Park with its mountains, lakes, waterfalls, onsen, and wild monkeys. Neighboring Oku-Nikko is an extension of the fantastic scenery famous for its autumn leaves, while Tochigi’s capital, Utsunomiya, is the only place in the world where you can find oya stone beautifully exhibited in temples and the Oya History Museum.

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