Workshop Spots in Fukushima Area

  • Suzutake Lacquerware Studio
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Aiduwakamatsushi Mondenmachichinoseki Aizu Lacquer Industrial Park 1943-4
    A one-minute walk from the Aizu Bus Kogyodanchiiriguchi bus stop. This studio is the only one in the country which carries only wooden lacquerware. Aizu lacquerware developed in large part thanks to the Gamo Ujisato, lord of Aizu, supporting it as a local industry in 1590. The Aizu lacquerware industry fell into decline for a time after the Boshin War, but today this lacquerware studio continues to preserve the traditions of the craft while also promoting its evolution in line with the times. As the establishment sells its wares directly, visitors can purchase pieces such as lacquered soup bowls at low prices. The studio also offers a lacquerware repair service. In addition, the studio offers tours which enable participants to watch lacquerware artisans at work up close, and maki-e gold and silver lacquerware painting experiences in which participants can decorate and take home an exquisite piece of maki-e lacquerware the same day.
  • Yamada Mingei Kobo
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Aiduwakamatsushi Nanokamachi 12-35
    A folk craft shop located in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. The shop's studio makes okiagari-koboshi (roly-poly dolls), said to be the oldest folk craft in the Aizu area, and the shop is filled with a great variety of okiagari-koboshi dolls with various expressions. The shop also offers doll painting courses and many families as well as students on field trips come here seeking souvenirs.
  • Hashimoto Hiroji Mingei
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Koriyama-shi Nishitamachi Takashiba Fuku Uchi 41
    "Takashiba Deco-yashiki, in ""village of flowers"" Nishida Town, is located at the heart of Koriyama's traditional crafts of Miharu-goma horse dolls and Miharu Hariko dolls. The Miharu name comes from the Edo period local Miharu Domain. There are four workshops in this village, and each displays their own original Hariko, Hariko masks and Miharu-goma. Hashimoto Hiroji Folk Craft is located apart from the other three, and offers dolls on the subject of Kabuki plays and Classical Japanese dance, Hina dolls, and Children's Day samurai dolls made with skill and care."
  • Kinooto Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Onuma-gun Aizumisatomachi Setomachi 3272-1
    A pottery studio of Aizu-hongo ware was founded in 2001 that has been making pieces sporting a modern youthful flair. The workshop is located in a remodeled kominka (old houses) and marked by its handmade signboard, and they produce simple and modern tableware that fits in with a modern lifestyle. The studio is known for their large number of works in the Konabiki style in which a white clay is layered over the base and then covered with a clear glaze. The beautiful gentle appearance, almost as though dusted with powder, is gaining popularity amongst women and young people. They also operate a cafe and gallery in a renovated warehouse just a short distance from the workshop.
  • Stained Glass Atelier Joy House
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Yama-gun Inawashiromachi Fudo 34-21
    A specialized workshop in Inawashiro, Fukushima Prefecture that manufactures stained glass. It can meet many kinds of customers' requests, from true illustrated stained glass, made with classical European techniques to purely decorative Tiffany-style objects. The workshop offers three kinds of experiential learning courses, everything from brief experiences for those who don't have time for anything else to full-fledged courses that require participants to lodge in the area.
  • Hetsuri Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Minamiaizu-gun Shimogomachi Yagoshima
  • Asakanokama
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Fukushima Pref. Koriyamashi Nakano 1-12

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Fukushima is a blend of fantastic scenery, delectable sake, and kaleidoscopic colors. This nature-rich prefecture displays its splendor from the hidden Abukuma Cave underground right to the top of its sky-high mountain road, known as the Bandai-Azuma Skyline.

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