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6 Picturesque Post Towns you should visit in Japan



16. April. 2020

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Also known as shukuba-machi, post towns served as places where travelers (including feudal lords and their followers) could find lodgings on their journeys around the country. Many of these towns developed along the Tokaido and Nakasando trails that connected Edo and other major cities. Back in the Edo period, the main mode of transport was either by horse or on foot, so these towns played a significant role. Many post towns still preserve their historical atmosphere and now welcome tourists from all over the world.

6 Picturesque Post Towns you should visit in Japan


  • Ouchijuku, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Tsumagojuku, Nagano Prefecture
  • Magomejuku, Gifu Prefecture
  • Naraijuku, Nagano Prefecture
  • Sekijuku, Mie Prefecture
  • Hizen Hamashuku, Saga Prefecture

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