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Welcome to Hama-cho: Bizen Hamashuku Brewery Street in Saga



27. January. 2020

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Welcome to Hama-cho, a quiet town with a laidback vibe and a history of sake brewing situated close to the city of Kashima in Saga Prefecture.

During the Edo period the area was home to several wealthy samurai families, whose beautiful white-terraced period homes still line the main street of the town to this day. During the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods the area then went on to become well known for its production of high-quality sake (Nihonshu), at its peak there were more than ten sake breweries in Hama-cho, although the majority of these have long since closed their doors. Due to its somewhat out-of-the-way location, and decline in sake brewing, Hama-cho is often overlooked as a travel destination for both domestic and international tourists alike, but a handful of dedicated and creative locals are now working hard to put the town firmly back on the map. In this article we will meet these people and discover the ways in which they are contributing to their community and the town of Hama-cho today.

Welcome to Hama-cho: Bizen Hamashuku Brewery Street in Saga


  • Nabeshima Brewery
  • Matatabi (Yua Candles)
  • Iroha
  • Hamashuko Kurabito

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