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Mount Fuji Alternatives For a Rainy Day



9. July. 2019

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So you’ve traveled to the Fuji Five Lakes with the goal to get a close up look at Mount Fuji and get social media-worthy photos along the way but the weather's not cooperating and the main reason for your trip is hidden behind thick clouds.

Well, don’t let the bad weather put a damper on the Mount Fuji-themed adventure. While you wait for the clouds to clear up, you can still get a good dose of Fuji fun by visiting a Museum, hot spring, the Monkey Showman Theatre and so on...

Mount Fuji Alternatives For a Rainy Day


  • Fujiyama Museum
  • Fujisan World Heritage Centre.
  • Fuji Chobo-no-yu Yurari
  • The Monkey Showman Theatre at Lake Kawaguchi-ko
  • Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
  • The Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
  • Kawaguchiko Muse Museum

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