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Yamanashi | Art Museum

Kawaguchiko Muse Museum Yuki Atae Building (河口湖ミューズ館・与勇輝館)

 0555725258  Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Kodachi 923

Located in a corner of Yagizaki Park, this art museum features dolls that were made by doll artist Yuki Atae. The dolls are entirely handmade, from body to clothes and accessories, earning worldwide acclaim and praise as cloth sculptures. The interior also features a glass-walled cafe, where you can relax and enjoy beautiful natural views of Lake Kawaguchi and the gardens.


9:00-17:00(Latest entry16:30)
[Admission fee] GeneralAdults 600 yen, junior high and high school students 400 yen, Elementary school age students and underFree
* Associations (8 people and above) Adults 540 yuen, junior high and high school students 360 yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, others)

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Review of Kawaguchiko Muse Museum

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/09/09 Cute place
It’s a very good place. The dolls are so perfect and so full of details. A beautiful and nice place to visit.
Reviewed:2017/11/09 A small museum of dolls
A small museum of dolls of the artist Yuki Atae . More than 100 dolls very nicely displayed , including video showing the manufacture process. Also shop and coffee shop .
Reviewed:2017/10/09 Slows down time
Thee museum itself was quiet small but the dolls were absolutely beautiful. The place was divided into three sections, one having dolls, the other two of paintings and writing. I wasn't into the...
Reviewed:2017/09/08 Good for a rainy day
If you have travelling to Kawaguchi-ko to see the famous Mount Fuji but the weather has blanketed her in clouds then the museum is good to stop in to use up some time and hope the clouds clear.
Reviewed:2017/08/15 Intricately made dolls
This museum shows about 100 intricately made dolls. The details of each doll are fascinating. You can see the clothes and shoes or the era it portrays. The artist tries his best to be as accurate as...

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