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Hotel / Business Hotel / Capsule Hotel Spots in Shimane Area

  • Marine Thalasso Izumo
    9 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Takichoutaki 859-1
    At this facility, visitors can enjoy a swimming pool overlooking the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan with 14 types of attractions. There are facilities for seaweed mud treatments, aerosol spa therapy as well as restaurants and visitors can also stay overnight. Rental swimmers, face towels, bath towels and sandals are available, however, it is advised to bring goggles and swimming caps when swimming in the pool.


  • Guest house Sai
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Guest House Sai Yasugicho 1839-2 Yasugi
  • Shikinoyado SAHIMENO
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2078-2,Shigaku,Sanbe-Town Oda Shimane
  • Chorakuen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tamayu-cho Tamatsukuri 323 Matsue
  • Auberge Shikinouta
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Washibara I 386 Tsuwano
  • Matsue no Sato
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    104, Saika-machi, Matsue city, Shimane
  • Yukei Kohan Suitenkaku
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    3-9 Chidori-cho, Matsue-shi
  • Tsuwano Onsenjuku Wataya
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    82-3 Ushirodaguchi, Tsuwano-cho, Kanoashi-gun
  • Naniwa Issui
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    63 Chidori-cho, Matsue-shi
  • Onsen Guest House Aobato no Su
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    45-2 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue-shi
  • Hotel Takeshi Sanso
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2041 Imaichi Higashi-machi, Izumo-shi
  • Hotel Route Inn Masuda
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    10-4 Akebono Nishi-machi, Masuda-shi Hamada
  • Green Rich Hotel Izumo
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    1489-2 Imaichi-cho, Izumo-shi
  • Shimane Hamada Washington Hotel Plaza
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    4177 Kurokawa-cho, Hamada-shi
  • Hagoromoso
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2213 Tsuma, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun Oki Islands
  • Ikoinomura Shimane
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2467-10, Kouzui, Onan-cho, Ochi-gun Oda
  • Oki Seaside Hotel Tsurumaru
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    771-1 Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun Oki Islands
  • Hotel Oki
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    4386 Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun Oki Islands
  • Shoheikaku
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    38 Chidori-cho, Matsue-shi
  • Yumoto Yunokawa
    Accommodations / Hot Spring

Shimane Main Areas


What Shimane prefecture lacks in size and population, it makes up for in scenery and ancient mythology. Izumo-taisha, in the middle of the prefecture, is said to be Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine, where stories that delve into the creation of the Japanese race have been passed down over centuries. The 180 Oki Islands, a 40-minute ferry ride north of Sakaiminato, offer an undiscovered paradise well off the beaten track.

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