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닛코 도쇼구 보물관日光東照宮宝物館


Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Sannai 2301 Sunlight in Toshogu Shrine (닛코・기누가와 강・주젠지코 호수지역)

phone 0288542558

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게시일:2019/07/10 Small with beautiful artifacts
The Toshogu is a smallish museum with a great collection of artifacts and guide to the history of the site. There are two informative films, only in Japanese, though the animated one is with watching...
게시일:2019/01/09 Small museum but informative
A relatively new structure adjacent to the 400 years old UNESCO world heritage site. During our visit, there was a short anime movie screening giving a good introduction to the life of Tokugawa...
게시일:2018/10/31 Interesting and well laid out
Popped in here because the Shrine was closed for a couple of hours due to the festival. Small museum and quite expensive to get into but very well laid out. A lot of interesting artifacts relating to...

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Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Sannai 2301 Sunlight in Toshogu Shrine [ 지도 ]
닛코・기누가와 강・주젠지코 호수지역
전화 번호
[입장료]대인1000엔, 소인400엔



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