Information on NAVITIME Travel's international flights (overseas tickets) reservation service

Preparation before departure

Please prepare the documents required for travel

  • Please check the necessity of obtaining a visa in advance and the remaining validity period of the required passport for all destinations and transit points.

  • Many countries require a passport to have a remaining validity of at least 6 months.

  • These regulations are set for each country, and you may be required to have a visa or just have a certain remaining validity period of your passport just by stopping by at a transit (via).

  • For information on Japanese nationals, you can check the outline on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, and you can collect information on the websites of the embassies and consulates of each destination.

    1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage (about visa)
    2. Homepages of embassies and consulates in each country
  • If you are traveling to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, you will be exempted from acquiring a visa if you meet certain conditions and schedules, and you will be granted electronic travel authorization such as ESTA.

Please prepare the necessary documents for boarding

  • We recommend that you print out the e-tickets for all passengers for the entire itinerary. In many cases, you can still check in without printed matter, but you may be required to show it at the time of immigration.

  • You can check your e-ticket from the reservation confirmation page.

  • e-Tickets will not reflect changes in flight schedules, so please also check the airline's website before departure.

Preliminary communication with airlines

  • You can log in to the airline's My Page using the issued "Flight reservation number".

  • If you log in to the airline's My Page, you can pre-select seats, order meals, add baggage storage, pre-check-in, etc. (Additional charges may apply)

  • Please check before departure as flight schedules may change.

  • In addition, some airlines require a procedure called "Reconfirm" to request the intention of boarding in advance.

    • Reconfirm is a procedure to reconfirm your return flight reservation 72 hours before your departure.
    • If you do not contact us, your reservation may be canceled.
    • Please call the local branch of the applicable airline and let us know, "Reconfirm, please".
    • The following airlines are eligible. *Please note that the information may not be the latest.

      • (CZ) 中国南方航空
      • (MF) 廈門航空
      • (CI) チャイナエアライン
      • (OM) MIATモンゴル航空
      • (GA) ガルーダ・インドネシア航空
      • (QV) ラオス国営航空
      • (AI) エア・インディア
      • (HY) ウズベキスタン航空
      • (IR) イラン航空
      • (QR) カタール航空
      • (TK) トルコ航空
      • (MS) エジプト航空
      • (ET) エチオピア航空
      • (SA) 南アフリカ航空

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