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Nature in Akita

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  • Garo Falls
    Akita Pref. Yamamotogunfujisatomachi Fujikoto Great fall
  • Sashimaki Wetland
    Wetland / Marshland
    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Tazawakosashimaki
  • Kamayahama Beach
    Beach Bathing Facility
    Akita Pref. Yamamotogunmitanechou Okuchi Kamaya
  • Miyazawa Beach
    Beach Bathing Facility
    Akita Pref. Ogashi Noishi Obasawa
  • Kisakata Beach
    Beach Bathing Facility
    Akita Nikaho Kisakatamachi Kanmuriishishita

Akita Main Areas


Famed for its sake and samurai, Akita prefecture offers quintessential Japanese culture in a non-touristy setting. Alongside the celebrated rice paddies and historical sites of the region lies dramatic natural scenery in the form of the rugged coastline of the Oga Peninsula and the Dakigaeri Gorge, best visited in autumn, when the leaves begin to change color.

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