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Leisure in Akita

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  • Roadside Station Kisakata Nemu no Oka
    27 Reviews
    Michi no Eki Road Station
    Akita Pref. Nikahoshi Kisakatamachi Oshiokoshi 73-1

    秋田県にかほ市象潟。国道7号線沿いにある道の駅です。駐車場はかなり広いですが、シーズン期にはかなり混雑します。 メインの建物の階上に日帰り温泉があります。かなり濃厚な湯です。

  • Roadside Station Akita Minato
    148 Reviews
    Michi no Eki Road Station
    Akita Akita-shi Tsuchizakiminatonishi 1-9-1

    The port is very popular with local fishermen. The Selion Tower Observation Deck is a great place to get a good view of the surrouding Akita town from 100m up. At the base is a Farmers Market where...

  • Yokote Fureai Center Kamakura Hall
    52 Reviews
    Museum / Science Museum
    Akita Pref. Yokoteshi Chuoumachi 8-12

    This museum is very small, but a great opportunity to experience the Kamakura if you are not in the season. The people at the reception door was very friendly.

  • Korakukan
    44 Reviews
    Akita Pref. Kadunogunkosakamachi Kosakakouzan Matsunoshita 2

    I first heard about this theatre on the NHK travel show Journeys in Japan, which - for some reason - made me think superkabuki was a shortened (2 hours) but still serious performance (despite the...

  • Roadside Station Tenno / Tenno Green Land
    43 Reviews
    Michi no Eki Road Station
    Akita Pref. Katagamishi Tennou Egawakamiyachi 109-2

    17時位にはレストラン等は閉まってしまうため、温泉を利用しました。 温泉は22時まで運営しているそうです。 温泉は広々としており、わりと広めのサウナも併設してあります。 真ん中に温泉があり、両脇に沸かし湯のジェットバスという構成でした。 18時過ぎの利用だったので、休憩室等は閉まっていましたが、ゆったりしたソファがズラリと並んでいるので、車に寝泊まりしながら、行き当たりばったりの旅とかされ...

Akita Areas


Famed for its sake and samurai, Akita prefecture offers quintessential Japanese culture in a non-touristy setting. Alongside the celebrated rice paddies and historical sites of the region lies dramatic natural scenery in the form of the rugged coastline of the Oga Peninsula and the Dakigaeri Gorge, best visited in autumn, when the leaves begin to change color.

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