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Craft Beer Bars in Kumamoto



11. September. 2019

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Japan may not be the first country that springs to mind when you think about craft beer, but thanks to an ever-expanding group of dedicated and creative brewers, it is steadily climbing the ranks in the world of micro brewing and independent beers.
After a brief boom in home-brewing in the mid-nineties, the independent beer scene in Japan went a little quiet, until a second wave came about in 2013, and this time round the new kids on the block were serious about their craft!

Over the past few years in Japan small breweries have started to pop up all over the place, and the craft beer scene is now a vibrant and blossoming place with lots of innovative people who are creating an array of interesting and tasty new beers - offering some serious competition and mouthwatering alternatives to the more traditional players in the game.
You can travel to practically any decent sized town in Japan now and find at least one bar that specializes in craft beer, and Kumamoto City is no exception!

In this article we will introduce a handful of bars in Kumamoto City that specialize in craft beers, serving a great selection of IPAs, ales and stouts from across the city, the country, and indeed the world. The exact locations, addresses and opening hours of each place can be found at the very bottom of the page.

Craft Beer Bars in Kumamoto


  • World Beer Terminal and Kaen
  • Voyager
  • Kumamoto Craft Beer Map
  • Herring Bone
  • Ohashi Denki
  • Ble Ble
  • Locations, Addresses and other Opening Times

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