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Day Trip to the Miura Hanto



22. October. 2018

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With the Miura Hanto being surrounded by ocean in three directions, and with Sagami Bay to the west, the peninsula’s attractions are mostly of the marine-related kind. The area’s rich aquatic life can easily be encountered up close: either out at sea through a windowed boat bottom, or within an expansive aquarium. Miura’s famed maguro (tuna) can be sampled and purchased right by the fishing port it comes into, while just over a bridge from the harbor area awaits Jogashima’s historic lighthouse and highly distinctive beach.

Day Trip to the Miura Hanto


  • Visit Misaki Port and Urari Marche
  • Jogashima and its lighthouse
  • Roam around the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, and see its Rocker Penguins
  • Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

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