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20 of the Best food in Kichijoji



26. April. 2019

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The hip but homely Kichijoji neighbourhood in the west of Tokyo is no stranger to visitors, who flock to the esteemed Inokashira Park as soon as the sun starts to shine. Ready to welcome in both regulars and newcomers alike, Kichijoji’s food scene is all-encompassing with everything from take-out snacks to lively streets of izakaya and more upmarket restaurants.

20 of the Best food in Kichijoji


  • Iseya
  • Cafe Zenon and Zenon Sakaba
  • Satou Kichijoji
  • Crepe House Circus
  • Supakichi
  • Moomin Stand
  • The City Bakery
  • Coffee Hall Kugutsusou
  • Piwang
  • Tsukemen Enji
  • Tsukada Suisan
  • chai break
  • Hara Donuts
  • Toriyoshi
  • Pepacafe Forest
  • Tecchan
  • Whisky House Vision
  • Bar & Kitchen Funky
  • Yona Yona Beer Works

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