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Getting Around Kanazawa

The central location of the majority of Kanazawa’s sights make it an easy city to navigate whether you decide to visit the city by foot, by bike or by the handy public transport. With a whole host of beautiful surrounding areas to visit in the region, there are also a number of day trips on offer from Kanazawa.

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    Getting to Kanazawa

    Thanks to the addition of Kanazawa Station to the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train line in 2015, Kanazawa has become a quick and easy destination to reach from all parts of the country. With a bullet train ride just 2.5 hours from Tokyo, 3 hours from Nagoya, and less than 4 hours from Osaka, Kanazawa is becoming one of the top spots to visit in the country, especially for anyone holding a JR Pass. Other, more affordable options for getting to Kanazawa include budget buses and local trains with the closest airport around 40 minutes away in Komatsu.

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    Getting Around Kanazawa

    Kanazawa’s compact city center can be crossed by foot in around 40 minutes which makes it an easy city to stroll around. However, the city buses are also easy to hop on and off of with the Kanazawa Loop Bus stopping at the main attractions around the city including Kanazawa Station, the Higashi Chaya District, the Kenrokuen Garden, the Tera-machi Temple Area and the Nagamachi Samurai District.

    There are two types of Kanazawa Loop Bus: The green Right Loop Bus and the red Left Loop Bus which go in opposite directions around the city. The majority of bus drivers speak some English and the screens inside the bus display which stop is coming up next. Pay ¥200 per ride or pick up an all-you-can-ride ¥500 day pass from the Transportation Information Center at Kanazawa Station.

    Getting Around Kanazawa

    Getting Around Kanazawa

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    Day Trips from Kanazawa

    Ishikawa and its neighboring prefectures are known for their luscious countryside of impossibly green cedar trees, towering mountains and beautiful coastlines. Kanazawa makes a good starting point for further trips to the surrounding areas whether just for a day or for a full visit. Some must-visits are the mountain roads of Hakusan, the beautiful coasts of Noto Peninsula, the old mountain towns of Toyama Prefecture, and the temples and parks of Fukui Prefecture. The easiest option for getting around is to hire a car which gives you the freedom to explore fully. Hiring a car will set you back around 3,000 to 7,000 yen per day and can be done by anyone carrying an international driving license or who has had their license converted to a Japanese license.

    Day Trips from Kanazawa

    Day Trips from Kanazawa

    Cities in nearby prefectures are easily accessed by train, however, if you’d like to visit more rural areas without a car, there are day bus trips including the Highway Express Bus which takes you on a tour of the Shirakawa-go and Gokayama gassho-style houses as well as the pretty mountain town of Takayama. Enquiries can be made at the Tourist Information Center in Kanazawa Station or over the phone with the Hokutetsu Bus Reservation Center or the Nohi Bus Reservation Center.

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