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11 of the best Hakata ramen shops you should visit in Fukuoka



23. May. 2019

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Tonkotsu ramen is one of the most famous foods of Fukuoka city, the pride and joy of its residents, and how could it not be? They have mastered this recipe to the point that several of its ramen shops have turn into international chains, taking this delicious meal far beyond the borders of Japan.
For lovers of thick and flavourful ramen broths, this is a dish that must be tried while in the city; not once or twice, but several times in order to get a good taste of the different variations available.



  • ① Ippudo Ramen
  • ② Hakata Daruma
  • ③ Ichiran Ramen
  • ④Unari Ramen
  • ⑤Danbo Ramen
  • ⑥ Hide-chan Ramen
  • ⑦ Hakata Ramen ShinShin Tenjin branch
  • ⑧ Genei
  • ⑨ KOMUGI
  • ⑩ Ramen HAYAKAWA
  • ⑪ Ramen Stadium

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