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What to Do in Nagasaki



23. June. 2017

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A trip to Nagasaki is for the most part a trip down memory lane. Memories from the glorious trading days of the 17th century and the foreign settlements left as a result. Memories of a city in ruins, the people who perished, and those that survived to rebuild the beautiful port city that Nagasaki is today. These two themes are enough to keep you busy in the city, yet, there is always time and options to get off the beaten path, enjoy a good meal by the water, see the city lights from higher ground, then finish with a drink in the company of locals.

What to Do in Nagasaki


  • Join the Locals at the Street Market of Siebold Dori
  • Shop for Omiyage in Hamamachi
  • Dinner at sunset at Dejima Wharf
  • Ride the Ropeway to Mount Inasa
  • Drinks at Shianbashi

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