7 Best Places to Shoot Sky Tree



7 Best Places to Shoot Sky Tree

The Tokyo Skytree®️ (hereafter referred to as "Skytree") is the world's tallest radio tower standing at 634 meters. Built in May 2012, together with the Tokyo Tower in Minato-ku, it is one of Tokyo's most beloved landmarks. From day to night, these towers can be viewed from many different places, however, there are some of the best 7 locations that any visitor should try out. Don’t forget to bring your camera on this journey in finding the best viewing spots to catch the Sky Tree.

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    Classic Photo Spot at Azumabashi Bridge

    Just outside the Asakusa Station on Toei Asakusa line, the view from Azumabashi bridge is a classic Asakusa shot with Sumida River, the gold monument of Asahi Beer's headquarters, and the Skytree standing behind it.
    Depending on the angle and the time of day, visitors can take a variety of pictures, such as the Skytree reflected on the surface of the river. For those who want less of a city light in the shot, taking photos from a plaza right next to the Asahi Beer’s headquarter is recommended.

    Tokyo Taito-ku Hanakawado 1
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    SkyTree Reflection from Jukken Bridge

    The Jukenbashi Bridge, located about a 10-minute walk from the Skytree, is a place where you can take pictures of the Skytree reflection. Although it is a small bridge, it is a popular photo spot for photo enthusiasts.
    To take the reflection from the bridge, visitors will need a super wide-angle lens or a fisheye lens to take pictures of the Skytree on the ground and the Skytree on the water at the same time. But if you have an iPhone 11 or something like that, you can adjust the lenses so that you can easily take pictures with your smartphone. The best time to take pictures is in the evening or at night, when the light reflections are beautiful.

    Jukkenbashi Bridge
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Narihira 5- Bunka 1
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    Collaboration with seasonal flowers from Sumida Park

    Only a short walk from Asakusa Station, Sumida Park is home to seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangeas in early summer. The park is divided through the Sumida River and lies on both banks. From the Asakusa side, the unobstructed view of the Skytree towering over the river can be seen. Starting from Asakusa station and strolling along the Sumida River, visitors can take the Sumida River Walk, which leads to Tokyo Mizumachi ( a shopping complex beneath a railway overpass) on the Oshiage side.

    Sumida Park (Sumida Side)
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Mukojima 1 , 2 , 5
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    Scenic Beauty Along the Kiyosu Bridge

    About five minutes walk from Kiyosumi Shirakawa station on Toei Oedo Line and Hanzomon Line will take the visitors to Kiyosu Bridge stretching over the Sumida River. The blue and white bridge color-coordinated with the grey-blueish Skytree during the daytime is beautiful, but the evening scenic beauty is much more recommended. Architecturally significant, this bridge was built as part of the reconstruction project after the Great Kanto Earthquake. The bridge has a graceful shape modeled after the Hindenburg Bridge in Germany which was known as the most beautiful bridge in the world when it was built.
    When the sun goes down, the Kiyosubashi Bridge is lit up along with the Skytree, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sparkling night sky with the shining Sky Tree in the background.

    Tokyo Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Nakasu-Koto-ku Kiyosumi 1
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    Looking Up At Tokyo Sky Tree with Kawazu Cherry Blossom

    There are only two Kawazu cherry trees that bloom at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree. They are located on the Tobu Bridge right after getting off at the Tokyo Skytree Station. This is the only spot where you can see the collaboration of the Skytree with the cherries and the cherry blossoms look like they are lit up because they are located near the street lights. During the blooming season between early February to early March, many visit here to catch the seasonal beauty.

    Tokyo Skytree (R)
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Oshiage 1-1-2
    [Observatory] 10:00-21:00 (L…
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    Seeing from High Ground: Bunkyo Civic Center

    Usually open until 20:30pm, the observation deck at Bunkyo Civic Center offers a stunning view of the Skytree standing tall in the midst of the city. The civic center is directly connected to Kasuga Station on Toei Mita Line or Oedo line. Alternatively, the center is also directly accessible from Korakuen Station exit 5 on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Namboku Line.
    Compared to the observation decks at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Roppongi Hills, this is a more secluded spot with fewer tourists.Be sure to visit before dark and watch the sky and the lights of the city change from moment to moment. Using the time-lapse function to capture the changes is one way to enjoy view.

    Bunkyo Civic center tembou Lounge
    Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Kasuga 1-16-21 Bunkyo Civic Center 25F
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    Strolling around downtown with Skytree in the background

    Tucked between Ueno and Asakusa at the foot of Sky Tree is the century old Kappabashi Street, or popularly known as Kitchenware Town. This street full of downtown vibes is a place that is almost entirely dedicated to shops with dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, tables, chairs, signs, lanterns and more. In such a district, Sky Tree can be seen from one of the streets.

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