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Ramen, Tsukemen and Abura soba: The Best Guide to eating Ramen noodles in Tokyo



17. April. 2019

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While you might think of ramen as one style of Japanese noodle dish, it actually refers to a whole variety of different styles, including traditional ramen, tsukemen and abura soba. Not only does the thickness of noodles and difference in soup stock change, but the arrangement of toppings and seasonings results in a myriad of different options. It’s become the “Warring Era of Ramen”!

In this perfect ramen guide, we’ll explain the difference between ramen, tsukemen and abura soba. We’ll also explain how to order each dish and eat them as the Japanese do, as well as share with you the top ramen restaurants to try each style of noodle dish in Tokyo.

Ramen, tsukemen and abura soba: the best guide to eating ramen noodles in Tokyo


  • Ramen
  • Tsukemen
  • Abura soba

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