Workshop Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Sakamori Shippo Kogeiten
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Motoasakusa 1-2-1
    An accessory shop and traditional shippo-yaki cloisonne ware artisan studio. The shop's showcases contain around 100 cloisonne ware bracelets, pendants, tie pins, and other items at any given time. One time cloisonne ware classes are conducted in the studio area, and reservations are accepted starting from groups of four. Classes take between 30 minutes and two hours. Sakamori Shippo Kogeiten also holds more serious classes four times a month for those with a deeper interest in the craft.
  • Asakusa Glass Beads Studio
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Nishiasakusa 3-6-13 Onishi Building 1F
    This workshop specializes in glass beads in a Japanese tradition going back to the Nara period. They make everything from plain glass beads to ornate flower/animal shapes. The products of their most skilled artisans, in particular, become ornate, intricate sculptures like firebirds or goldfish. They also offer a bead-making class where you can try making your own, as well as chances to make your own earrings or necklaces. The classes are reservation only (by noon the day before).
  • Sokichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Kaminarimon 2-1-14
    Glass makers in Asakusa. Offering a wide variety of original collections and high-quality glass items perfect for bars and restaurants. Collaborations with cut glass painters and artists and provides a trade in service for antique, designer and rate glass items. The workshop on the traditional craft of Edo Kiriko cut glass is highly recommended for tourists and foreigners. All classes are thoroughly taught so even a beginner can create a beautiful piece of cut glass in just one and a half hours.
  • Glass Art Studio Ruriiro
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Oumeshi Futamatao 2-738-5
    A glass art studio located in 2 Chome Futamatao, Ome City mainly focusing on glass works such as colorful dishes and lamps, created with glass fusing techniques under high heat. Visitors can also have a go at making their own glass works including plates and accessories using the technique of glass fusing (telephone bookings required).
  • Kihachijo Meyu Kobo
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachijomachi Nakanogo 2542
    "This manufacturing workshop has a history of several hundreds of years that weaves silk goods and ""kihachijo;"" a yellow silk with a dark checkered or striped pattern only produced on Hachijojima Island. It is the only place on the island that does dying and weaving. The ""kihachijo"" made at this workshop uses a sister breed of the original silkworm variety known as ""shin-koishimaru,"" so the texture is close to that of the kihachijo made a long time ago. At this workshop where you can sense its extensive history, they carry out the manufacture and sales of small items such as business card cases and tissue cases. They also do workshop tours and classes where you can experience working in the workshop."
  • Tsubame Workshop
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taito-ku Torigoe 1-12-1


  • Akabane-nishi Welfare Workshop
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Kita-ku Akabane-nishi 5-7-1
  • SOAK
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Setagaya Kaminoge 3-2-16
  • Makers'' Base Tokyo
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Meguro-ku Shimomeguro 2-5-12
  • Atelier Maruyama/frog×frog/Eruka
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Tsurumaki 5-11-16
  • Hirahon Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taito-ku Taito 4-30-10 Miyaji Building Annex 1F
  • Atelier Fuga
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Suginami-ku Asagayaminami 1-37-12
  • SAIJIKii R manzoku Work
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Minato-ku Minamiaoyama 7-2-11F
  • Asakusabashi Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taito-ku
  • nicori
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Togoshi 6-23-21
  • Matsuzakidaitsutsumido
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Arakawa-ku Machiya 3-31-16
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Kamezawa 1-12-10 Hirai Building 1F
  • mammiesansourire Arakawa Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Arakawa-ku Arakawa 4-2-6
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Meguro-ku Kami-meguro 2-43-18 NAKAME GALLERY STREET at Nakameguro Under elevated # 96-97
  • Glass Workshop ZO
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Azumabashi 3-4-5 Oi Building 1F

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