Hobbies / Sports Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO
    468 Reviews
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 3-1-2 Sunshine City Specialty Store Area Alpa 2F
    An official shop for the popular Pokemon video game located inside Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. The shop carries all manner of merchandize sure to delight any Pokemon fan, including games, stuffed animals, and original goods. Events are also frequently held at the shop, and shop highlights such as Pokemon card game classes for beginners and presents for visitors on their birthday are fun for children as well as adults.

    Even you didn’t buy anything, coming there will reward you with an opportunity with some awesome Pokemon sculptures around the store. At the outside, a Solgaleo and Lunala stand at the store entrance...

  • Gundam Cafe (Akihabara Shop)
    210 Reviews
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kandahanaokachou 1-1
    A cafe modeled after the world of the hit giant robot anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. The Jaburo coffee was created for Gundam fans wanting to try the coffee made at Jaburo, the home base of the Earth Federation in the Gundam universe. The Gundam mecha-themed curry and food names riffing off of popular episode titles and character lines are sure to tickle the hearts of Gundam lovers. The cafe also sells merchandise such as Gundam-themed Kutani ware, an amusing soy sauce bottle modeled after M'Quve's vase, shirts, and much more.

    Got showed in and ignored the whole time we were at the cafe. Ended up leaving without buying anything.

  • Animate Akihabara
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 4-3-2
    This is the Akihabara store of the largest domestic cartoon, animation and game related goods specialty shop and is located adjacent to “Comic Toranoana.” In addition to books such as newly released comic books, light novels and specialty literary magazines and reading material, there is an abundant collection of art supplies, character goods, CD/DVD, and games, etc. on all six floors of the store. There are also many events held inviting animation song singers and voice actors as well as limited-time only shop events. The nearest station is Akihabara Station.
  • Kitaro Chaya (Jindaiji Shop)
    51 Reviews
    Tokyo Choufushi Jindaijimotomachi 5-12-8
    A Japanese-style cafe and sweets shop located in Jindaijimoto-machi, Chofu City, Tokyo. The shop serves sweets and drinks themed after characters from the hit comic and cartoon GeGeGe no Kitaro and also has a shop selling yokai (monster) merchandise. The second floor is a gallery displaying work by Shigeru Mizuki, the creator of popular yokai manga series. .


  • Animate Sunshine
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 1-20-7
    This eight-floor building located at the entrance to Otome Road in the Higashi Ikebukuro district of Tokyo’s Toshima City is comprised of floors with a lineup of products particularly for the benefit of female fans, more so than other Animate locations around the country. Inside is a cosplay shop as well as shops for second-hand character costumes and doll-related merchandise, a studio offering cosplay photography, and also an Animate Café where guests can enjoy a menu that collaborates with anime works. This building is constantly being visited by anime fans from all over the country.
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumae 4-31-12 Harajuku Zero Gate
    The official shop for LINE character goods located on Meiji-dori Avenue in the Jingumae area of Shibuya City, Tokyo. The shop carries a variety of original merchandise themed after popular LINE characters such as Brown, Cony, and Sally. Here shoppers can find stationary, stuffed animals, kitchenware, and much more. Items such as the matcha tea and mug set make perfect gifts.
  • Animate Shibuya
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Udagawachou 31-2 Shibuya BEAM 3F
    This is Shibuya’s largest anime and comic specialty store, located in the “Shibuya Center Town” in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya City, Tokyo. In the large store, there are a variety of new comics and doujinshi books, CD/DVD, character goods. There are corners around the shop for popular pieces, and it is devised to be easy to find the desired item. There are also special corners for limited periods selling themed limited items and special distribution items.
  • Kotobukiya Akihabara
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 1-8-8 Okashima Building
    A popular shop dedicated to action figures located in Akihabara, the otaku subculture mecca. From videogame and anime to movie characters, the shop carries action figures from a wide array of genres. In addition to action figures, Kotobukiya also sells stuffed animals and plastic models. Many of the shop’s customers are women and international tourists, and Kotobukiya has the lineup to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
  • Kochikame Game Park
    17 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Katsushika-ku Kameari 3-49-3 Ario Kameari 3F
    "This amusement facility is modeled after the popular comedic police manga (comic book) ""Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo."" Located on the third floor of Ario Kameari down Tokyo Metropolitan Road Route 318 from JR Kameari Station, the facility has a Japanese festival ground-style central area. Statues of popular characters from the series such as protagonist Kankichi Ryotsu are placed around the facility and clothing modeled after outfits worn by the characters are also displayed inside. The facility also contains a realistic recreation of the police station appearing in the comics. Inside the police station area, you can look inside the desks of the various characters and read reports written in-character. In addition, the facility is decorated with relevant books and merchandise as well as animation cells and creator autographs."


  • Pokémon Center Skytree Town
    Tokyo Sumida-ku
  • Rilakkuma Store, Tokyo Station shop
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1 Tokyo Station No.1 street B1F
    Very popular among a wide age-range of people, this official shop of Rilakkuma bear, is located on the Tokyo Character Street, on the first basement floor of Tokyo Station Ichibangai. The Rilakkuma Tokyo Station Shop is the Rilakkuma specialty shop built around the concept of Happy Life with Rilakkuma. The bright white walled interior is lined with approximately 3,000 Rilakkuma bears, and baby Korilakkuma and the yellow bird friend, Kiiroi Tori. Sold here also is a line of items that are exclusive to this store alone.
  • Pokémon Store Tokyo Station
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1 Tokyo Sta. 1 Bangai B1F Tokyo Character Street Uchi
  • Tora no Ana (Ikebukuro Store B)
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 1-9-1 Seiko Sunshine Building XI 6-7F
    Tora no Ana is a dojin shop in Higashi-Ikebukuro in Tokyo’s Toshima City. It deals mainly in fan-created magazines and fan merchandise but also sells commercially produced comics and anime. There are two Tora no Ana shops in the Ikebukuro area, and Tora no Ana B is one of them, while Tora no Ana A sells mostly merchandise that appeals to men. The store also sells adult comics along with action figures and other toys. In November 2015, the former Store A and Store B changed places, so the current Store A is in the building where Store B was formerly located.
  • Hello Kitty Japan Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Sky Tree Town Tokyo Sola Machi East Yard 4F
    A Hello Kitty souvenir shop located inside Tokyo Skytree Town Tokyo Solamachi, a shopping mall standing at the base of Tokyo Skytree. The shop is filled with merchandise relating to Hello Kitty, a character loved around the world, including stuffed animals, lifestyle goods, accessories, and sweets. The Japanese-style original merchandise and local products from around Japan are particularly popular with both Japanese and international tourists. The closest station is Tokyo Skytree Station.
  • Snoopy Town Harajuku
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-1-9 Kidairand Harajuku Store B1
    A Snoopy Town shop located on the basement floor of Kiddy Land Harajuku in the Jingumae area of Shibuya City, Tokyo. The shop, themed after the Peanuts comic popular with young and old alike, is crammed with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and other Peanuts Gang goods. The shop carries a variety of items perfect as gifts, including stuffed animals, lifestyle goods, and wood figures. The shop also sells items exclusive to the Harajuku location.
  • OTONA JYOSHI BIYORY, Character Beauty Shop
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1 Tokyo Station No.1 Street B1F - Tokyo Character Street
    OTONA JYOSHI BIYORY, where beauty, fashionable and kawaii come together. Women can find cute items of such girls' manga characters as: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Magical Angel Creamy Mami, Neighborhood Stories, Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2. Located in Tokyo Character Street in First Avenue Tokyo Station. Find limited edition items only available here. Very popular among working women and foreign tourists. New items every month, giving customers a new experience every time.
  • Rilakkuma Store Kichijoji
    Tokyo Musashinoshi Kichijoujihonchou 1-11-5 Kopichi Kichijoji Building A 6F
    A shop dedicated to the popular Rilakkuma character located in the Character Park section on the sixth floor of the Coppice Kichijoji shopping center. Built around the concept of a “happy life with Rilakkuma,” the shop carries Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori merchandise and lifestyle goods.
  • animate Café Ikebukuro 3 Shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 1-20-6 Plaza Inn Ikebukuro 3F
    A concept café operated by animate, the anime merchandise chain store. The café is located on the third floor of the Ikebukuro Plaza In building. The café offers food and drinks themed after current popular anime and video games. The interior and music is also connected to anime and video games, creating a unique, anime-themed atmosphere. The café sells merchandise available nowhere else and some menu items come with unique novelties—many fans come here seeking these special goods.
  • Pokemon Center Shibuya
    1 Reviews
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Udagawacho 15-1 Shibuya PARCO 6F


  • ACOS Ikebukuro
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 3-2-1 Animate Sunshine 2-3F
    A one-stop cosplay shop carrying a huge variety of cosplay items such as wigs and color contacts in addition to, of course, costumes. From new works to old favorites, the shop carries costumes for a stunning array of anime. ACOS also only stocks the best cosplay accessories, such as prop swords, an item no Japanese character cosplay costume can be without. The shop also allows patrons to try things on before they buy.

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