How To Use Japanese Air Conditioner



To comfortably regulate the temperature whether at a hotel, airbnb houses or any other lodging in Japan, the individual cooling and heating units placed in each room comes in handy. There are many different types of controllers for air conditioners, but most will have at least the main threes; on/off, cool air and warm air. Here is a tip with a kanji cheat sheet that might help to figure out the complicated wordings on the controller for those who are unfamiliar with Chinese characters.

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    Basic Functions

    Most remote controls have the same basic functions. But, depending on the type of the controller, extra functions vary from those that can change the wind direction or have dehumidifier buttons. Also, the buttons may not be in the same place, so it is best advised to take a close look at the kanji. Here are three must know basic functions.

    The on/off button is labeled 運転/停止 or otherwise written as 運転切/入 or just 切/入. By pressing this button, the A/C will come on and off.
    The warm air is labeled 暖房 while cool air is labeled 冷房. Or in a very rare occasions, すずしい for cool air and あたたかい for warm air. If these buttons don’t exist but instead see this kanji, 運転切換, it means that by pressing this button, the little arrow on the screen will go up and down and point to a different operation. Keep on pressing the button until the arrow on the screen points to either warm air or cool air, whichever you need.
    The wind button, labelled 風量 will control the strength or weakness of the wind.
    Lastly, to set the temperature, press the Up and Down triangle buttons on the temperature button which is labelled 温度.
    While there are many other additional functions, the ones mentioned here should be enough to set the room to a comfortable temperature of your preference.

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    Sample of Different Controllers