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crisscrosscrisscross (クリスクロス)

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place 도쿄도 미나토구 미나미아오야마 5-7-28
phone 0364341266

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게시일:2018/07/01 Excellent french toast with relaxing garden
Fantastic fluffy melt in your mouth French toast. But ask for the syrup on the side as it was a little sweet for my liking but still delicious. Staff were great and attentive. Def god back
게시일:2018/06/30 A tad exy, but so worth it...
Located in a quiet street in Omotesando, crisscross is a lovely spot for lunch and conversation. Food, atmosphere and staff are lovely.

If in the area, this is a must spot for Lync.
게시일:2018/05/15 Cozy spot with nice food and great craft beer
I went with my wife for lunch during a weekend. It was crowded but didn't wait long. They serve very good quality craft beer. The food is also good. It is a little bit expensive, but the overall...


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